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Laura Loves - MORI Reindeer Collection

MORI Reindeer Collection

It’s getting closer to Christmas, which basically gives mums across the country the green light to start dressing little ones in embarrassingly festive items we like!!! 

I never need an invitation but Christmas is a great time to go a little crazy on that front and I’m sure in years to come I’ll cringe but for now I love it! 

Christmas is also a special time for new parents – one of the first forays in creating those landmark memories. 

Whether it is gifting for others or buying for your own little one, it’s a time when you can invest in something a little extra special, which is why I have dedicated this timely review to MORI.

MORI is a British e-tailer of beautifully crafted baby clothing and accessories. For the festive season they have an adorable white and red reindeer neutral print that is available across their main product range. 

 ‘MORI’ is actually Japanese for ‘Forest’ and is tribute to nature’s elements within the clothing. 

The full collection is made from sustainable fabric blend of cotton and bamboo with absolutely no nasties. 

Ordering a newborn sleepsuit, it arrived beautifully packaged in a grey box with fold over sleeve. 

There’s something about receiving a present in a gift box and tissue paper that adds to the excitement, but also raises expectation levels of the content. 

Carefully unwrapping it I delicately ran my dingers across the sleep suit, it didn’t disappoint.

It is exquisitely soft and there’s a thickness to the material that is warm and comforting, something that MORI consciously consider when producing seasonal products alongside their practicality. 

The quality is definitely there and I found there to be attention to detail with elements such as the non-metal zip tucked flush inside for optimum safety and maximum comfort. 

The smaller sizes come with fold over scratch mitts too which I always think are great.  

Then there’s the eco-friendly added benefit where 100% of the fibres are made up of organically harvested bamboo and/or cotton so it’s safe and harmless to any babies with any skin sensitivities and allergies.

The sleep suit can also be personalised with a name to make it really special and unique gift at no additional cost.


The full MORI range extends to include some great items when you’re a little unsure of what to buy for a new mum or mum-to-be when after something distinctive.

The Reindeer Zip Up Sleepsuit is priced £32.50 and available in sizes Newborn to 18-24 months.  For more information, and to see the full MORI range, visit www.babymori.com.


Published: 30 November 2017 



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