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Laura Loves…LittleLife Arc 2

LittleLife Arc 2

Sleep is so important to a little one’s development, and along with eating and pooping, it forms the main element’s of a baby’s day. 

It’s also a much-needed respite for parents that can take the opportunity to recharge. 

Travelling with your baby is often inevitable, so having the right travel cot is vital to maintain routine, sleep…and sanity. 

This month I was invited to review the Arc 2 from LittleLife.  LittleLife, who you will best know for their fab range of backpack carriers for babies and toddlers, also make this pretty special travel cot. 

The Arc 2 is a nifty piece of kit and quite different to all other, dare I say, more traditional formats of travel cot in the market. 

The first thing that hits you is the size. 

Packing away into a backpack, and a fairly small one at that, it weighs in at just 2.5kg, making it great for carrying, storage and for transporting.

I already knew what the Arc 2 would look like having looked it up online – imagine a miniature version of a dome tent and you’re pretty close. 

Opening and setting it up was fairly easy and took less than ten minutes. 

Colour coded poles, tethers and material paired with some concentrations, pushing and pulling and you will have it up in no time. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same as throwing open an umbrella travel cot, but it’s not so onerous as you would think.



The cot can also be tethered and includes pegs for further stability if required, but we found there wasn’t too much movement on its own and it’s quite robust so wasn’t an issue.  If you were camping then there may be a need but not an obvious one.

Similarly to my first impression of the Arc 2, it’s constructed similarly to a tent with poles forming the base of the structure and a breathable tent-like fabric with mesh panels that wraps around 360 degrees. 

Any concerns with material based all around the baby are quickly squashed - there’s a good flow of air, and the cocoon-element provides a comfort and warmth to a little one that is secure. 

It is also insect proof so handy for use as a travel cot or playpen when going abroad. 

The firm mattress is slightly thinner than other travel cots, but you have to weigh up the overall offering, and while slim, it’s soft and has a toughness to the padding that holds it’s own shape well. 

The mattress sits on the base of the cot, which offers the benefit of no upward weight; it’s more down to the physical size of your child and when they outgrow the nest.

Overall, we loved this travel cot. 

It takes up so little space, not just packed down, but even when set up; and the opportunities presented for having something that you know is clean and hygienic for when you are away from home that can so easily be packed up with you, is one less thing to think about.

The LittleLife Arc 2 Lightweight Travel Cot is priced £94.99 from www.littlelife.com.


Published: 18 September 2018


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