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Laura Loves…LeapStart 3D

LeapStart 3D

We were recently invited to attend the launch of the new LeapStart 3D from the creative team behind many of the popular LeapPad tablets.

The LeapStart 3D brings reading to life thanks to interactivity that really takes things to the next level.

Aimed at children from two years right the way up to aged seven, the LeapStart 3D is a fresh take on a tablet, which is more about bringing an activity book to life by reading, playing and/or describing the content on the page. 

A stylus pen allows the user to navigate through the pages, whether that’s hovering over an animation or symbol that triggers sound and a 3D pop up holographic animation that appears in a small screen above the pages.


The great thing about these books is that you get different things out of them and it challenges the children to learn in new and exciting ways – whether it be maths, reading, writing or problem solving. 

Similarly to the tablet games, the dedicated team work on developing content with an educational slant for this device so while it comes across as fun and playful to the children, there’s a structure and skill to be developed with each book.

Testing it out with the kids, my 2yo loved this, she got really in to it and naturally picked up with ease how to use the stylus pen that sat firmly in her small chunky fingers. 

My 5yo also really enjoyed it, it’s something a bit different to the tablet, and I actually found he was better engaged, not because it was a new toy, but because he had to concentrate harder to listen and follow along, something he needs to do to get his head stuck in to learning.

I found it a good break away from the typical online games.

The LeapStart 3D comes with one book included, then further ones are available for around £12. 

They feature many of your children’s favourite characters so lots of Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses and PJ Masks to familiarise the children with.


The LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System is available in a pink/purple and green/blue colour choice and is priced £49.99.  

For more information, and to purchase, visit www.leapfrog.co.uk 


Published: 11 October 2018


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