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Laura Loves….Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas

Schools out for summer…and everything is super pricey!

Yay to no wraparound school clubs, nursery fees and even party season has quietened down a little; however the real mission appears to keeping the kids occupied.

When exactly did my kids start eating so much and what is with the need for a continuous agenda of fun filled activities?!

One good find this summer has been Las Iguanas for us to dine as a family.

We often go to the local pub that does sporadic deals.

But I have to admit that the constant stream of chicken nuggets, chips and beans is getting a little mundane and overly familiar for us all.

Las Iguanas is a Latin American restaurant group that can be found in most big towns and cities throughout the country serving up a feast of tapas and meals with inspiration from the food cultures in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Argentina.


The restaurants themselves are bright and bold and the menu is pretty much the same! I don’t want to call it clean eating but the menu is filled with exotic herbs and spices, good quality meat, fresh veg and a welcomed lack of over-processed options. Vegan and gluten free options are also plentiful.


In addition to the menu, what has stood out is how accommodating they are of children. Over the summer, for each paying adult ordering from the a la carte menu, a child can have a free kid’s meal, also know as the Niños Meal. The meal deal, usually a reasonable £5.90, includes a main, two sides and that all-important pudding!


It’s a nice way to introduce little ones to some fab new flavours and dishes. Each accommodating to youngster’s palettes, there’s a couple of familiar options, but with a bit of a twist on those favourites. My pair loved the new Mini Chorizo Dogs, and Spicy Albondigas (lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce).


Las Iguanas have also partnered with Aardman studio, the creators behind the lovable Wallace & Gromit characters, to create two new ‘Iggy and Friends’ toys and storybooks. Included with each meal is one of these books.

Browsing through it, it’s a good read, short and snappy and an insight into more about the part of the world the kids’ meals are inspired by, so all in all a good meal served up with a side of education!


It’s not just all for the kids either, I tucked into a delicious Cuban Sandwich of roasted pork, pork belly and ham, that oozed with Emmental cheese complimented with a tang of sweet mustard and pickle relish while hubby went all Mexican and opted for a huge burrito jam packed with fillings.

The menu itself makes for a mouth-watering read – I’d recommend taking a look online for a bit of inspiration and excitement to mix up the usual pub fayre.


For more information and to locate your nearest restaurant, visit https://www.iguanas.co.uk/


 Published: 22 August 2018



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