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Laura Loves… JetKids by Stokke BedBox

Stokke BedBox

Travelling aboard with your most treasured always brings about a few additional challenges!

One of those I have noted, particularly when travelling long haul, is the cramped, uncomfortable conditions of an aircraft.

As an adult, it’s not particularly pleasant, unless you’re fortunate enough to travel Business Class, and then I’m just guessing, so for our children it’s even more awkward as they struggle to process the unnatural environment they find themselves in.

 Travelling with kids

For longer haul travel, although smaller than us adults, when they hit that 2+ years mark, they’re at the mercy of the chair.

The short nature of the seat means legs hang at random angles, hard metallic armrest prohibit laying out and the pressure to remain belted up, means just general bad positioning. 

So when I was invited to review the Bedbox I was excited, could this ingenious product be the answer to our travel prayers?

In summary, the JetKids by Stokke BedBox is a bed in a box that also comes on wheels as a method of transport and storage for whipping out all those extras you may need whilst travelling.


Ahead of our recent holiday to Portugal, the children filled it with a tablet, a couple of games and I also popped in our nappies and wipes for the journey.

Plenty spacious for one, if not more children, to pack with activities and games that they will need throughout a flight.

Worth noting that it’s hand luggage approved sizing so generally you will have no issues taking it through to the plane with you.

Similarly to a Trunki, the BedBox can be travelled on. Pulled by a long handle, it’s a solid box that easily took the weight of even my 5yo, however unlike the Trunki, the swivel wheels rotate fully making navigating sharp turns that much easier.

Holiday with kids

Marley, aged 2, still loves her nap and without it, you feel the full force of the terrible twos; however the environment on the plane isn’t always conducive to a sleep so I was interested to see how this would help.

Initially it was all fun and games…literally, as she kept popping in for her books while resting her feet on the box, but then once naptime came we decided to put it to test.

It’s really easy to use, although I’d recommend practising it with the luxury of space (and time!) at home beforehand – the lid opens to become an extendable tray that spreads from the box to the chair piece.

You bridge the gap with the thin rollout mattress, complete with side-cushioned bumpers.

This provides that additional length that is important for older children to either have supported legs making sleep more comfortable, or for younger children, like my Marley to curl up into her preferred sleep position on her front with enough space lengthwise.

Flights with a child

We used it for a nap as part of a short haul flight.

She still tossed and turned a lot, and while it easily provides an increased level of comfort, it doesn’t replace the usual quiet dark environment she is used to.

However, she did eventually fall asleep, and slept for her usual hour while having the lap belt on her, and woke up feeling afresh and in a bright mood to start her holiday.

I think this is an ingenious product that is maximising design and innovation to get the most out of children’s travel accessories.

While we used it as a sleep aid for 2yo Marley, my 5 and 6yo were also very curious about i.

Recalling previous flights with the children, and citing their main areas of discomfort, I can see that it’s a handy product that would support all three of my children, whether it be leg support, extended length or cushioning to get the most comfortable sleep possible from the limited space on an aircraft.


The JetKids by Stokke BedBox is available with a red or blue trim and is priced £139 from www.stokke.com


Published: 4 October 2018



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