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Laura Loves…Ickle Bubba Stomp V3

Ickle Bubba Stomp V3

It has to be said that British brand, Ickle Bubba, is one of those up and coming brands that everyone needs to watch out for. 

It doesn’t have all the fuss some of the more established ones do (yet!), but when you come across it, you will see it’s quite a find.

Providing a quality that sits comfortably amongst the premium baby brands, yet it has managed to maintain a very reasonable price tag. 

Ickle Bubba is slowly building up quite the following as more people become au fait with their products so it’s worth reading on...

For this review I was sent the Stomp V3 All In One Travel System - a full travel system including car seat that will set you up good to go. 

The great thing about the Stomp is that it will take you from birth with the carrycot/car seat right the way through to walking and it is all included in the one package, which I can tell you now is a rarity. 


Taking it all out the two boxes, be prepared for a little bit of setting up but nothing too complex – popping on the wheels and a few add-ons. 

The instructions are easy to follow, and fortunately you won’t be required to do this very often, if at all again. 

The frame is a solid, simple ‘U’ shape that is bold and looks smart, reminiscent of other brands on the market but with an off-angle handlebar that separates it from any other I have seen and adds a little flair. 

The pushchair actually looks a lot heavier than it feels – at 6.5kg (chassis weight), it’s a decent and manageable weight for such a system, and I suspect that that the weight is concentrated in areas where it matters more, lightening the load in other places.

The frame comes set with carrycot, which is perfect for newborns. 

All of the add ons to the frame are easy to click on and off with two buttons either side that you push while also pulling or pushing the attachment to the frame. 


The carrycot positioning enables newborn babies to lie flat and there’s plenty of space for smaller babies to freely move about. 

It’s suggested the carrycot should last up to six months, but if you have a bigger baby I think the width and depth might see you move to the seat piece a little earlier. 

The carrycot features an apron for protection and the bumper bar from the seat can be used as a carry handle to transport from pushchair to house giving flexibility as a day bed.


The seat piece can be parent and world facing. 

It features five-point harness and good padding, not with the super-softest material (and it might be me being picky!) but still very comfortable. 

The material is thick and provides that deep quality you would find in the most premium of brands. 

My only quibble is that while it’s a fairly deep seat, the sides are quite open so there’s less protection and your child is more exposed to the elements when weather might not be so favourable. 

In saying that, the addition of the bumper bar provides more of a nestled interior and the fabulous hood affords a very spacious overhead that extends down to the bumper bar when your child is seated inside. 

The modish lines and stretch detailing of the removable hood actually makes the design of the whole chair for me - when completely folded out it is the largest display of the material and colour so the smooth, clean lines give the pushchair an overall finesse.

Pushing the Stomp is very comfortable. 

Again, in reference to my earlier point, I thought it would need more force to get it moving, but it naturally moves well. 

With hard wearing, chunky wheels that take on a two large rear/two smaller front formation it guides and steers wells and suspension on all wheels glides with plenty of bounce and ease over bumpier terrains. 

Wheels are also 360 swivel for good manoeuvrability, and can be locked for tackling more problematic ground.

The Stomp also comes with the Ickle Bubba Galaxy Group 0+ car seat and ISOFIX base. 

This is a genuinely good chair that can be toted and features substantial plush padding (with removable newborn insert) for upmost comfort. 

For safety the three point harness sits flush and for protections features impact absorbing shell and a double-layered side impact protection that has been tested to British and European standards.

The Galaxy can be used with ISOFIX base or with a seat belt so there are options should you find yourself without the base.

You really cannot argue about the great value for money this system provides. 

Included in the box is also a durable rain cover; cosy toes; car seat apron; seat liner; two sun visors for your car (I kid you not!) and a very useful and accessorising change bag complete with change mat – phew!

There’s a wide array of choices to design your own Stomp with some new earthy, natural hues added to the collection for 2018. 

They bring some muted elegance to the colourful line up already on offer and I find them to be all quite autumnal with the latest shades of greys and browns.

The range of colours on offer allows you to create your very own design with a silver/black chassis choice, and wide range of fabrics and leather-look handlebar covers so you might not actually see too many identical pushchairs as you strut your stuff round the shops!

A fantastic pushchair – it has all the stylish appearance of your top end pushchairs with premium material, high quality workmanship, is more than functional and fit for purpose from those early days through to fully –fledged walking child and to top it off, it comes in at a great price.


The Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 All In One Travel System is priced £449.  For more information, visit https://www.icklebubba.com/product/stomp-v3-one-travel-system/


Published: 7 June 2018


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