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Laura Loves….iCandy Peach Double

iCandy Peach Double

Your pushchair is one of the most costly items you will need to buy for your baby – a bed, chariot and a statement piece all in one.

There’s a market flooded with choice ranging from cheap pop-up strollers to luxurious pushchairs that are all singing and dancing.

It’s hard knowing where to start, especially as a first time parent when you quite often may not even know what you want vs. what you need.

One key thing to think about, which I wish I had considered early on, was the longevity and value to your pushchair.

Having my eldest two children just 17 months apart meant investing pretty early on in two pushchairs.

I always wanted at least two children so really had I have thought about it, a pushchair that could grow with my intended brood would have been the way forward….which brings me nicely onto this review of the iCandy Peach Double.

 iCandy pushchair

iCandy are one the crème de la crème brands of all things pushchair-related – sitting comfortably in the premium market, their ranges has been carefully crafted to consider every eventuality, and you cannot deny they look pretty chic too.

Celebrities the world round love this British brand and it’s easy to see why!

The iCandy Peach is a single to double pushchair – you can go the full hog and purchase it as a double, or invest in the single with the option to upgrade to double with the required add ons later.

I was recently sent the iCandy Peach Double Blossom to review and must admit, have been quite bowled over by it ever since.


Set Up

I’d liken this pushchair to LEGO – you definitely need to invest some time to the initial set up as there’s a lot of different pieces to put together, but the instructions are adequate to follow with basic step-by-step diagrams.

If you get stuck, jump onto YouTube as I found plenty of extra support on there too.

One bonus of the whole putting together process was I found having really put the time in to piece it all together, I was familiar with all the different elements and had a good understanding of all of the pushchair’s capabilities fairly early on.


Look and Feel

The Peach has been through over 60 modifications since it’s original launch.

This means it has never looked or worked better than it does right now.

I’m sure they will go on to make more tweaks here and there, but at this stage in the game, you kind of know they’ve got it right.

There’s no doubt this pushchair is undeniably attractive – I mean it looks more impressive than my car!

I was gifted the new Beluga colour way, a lustrous black quilted fabric that is timeless.

Contrasting against the silver satin frame it boasts neat lines and an elegant style.

 Maxi cosi

The lush materials, overall finish and craftsmanship are of the very highest quality; it’s easy on the eye and oozes luxe and comfort.

I genuinely think you’d struggle to find someone that didn’t agree with this opinion as it just screams quality. No scrimping going on here!



A revolutionary result for this pushchair is that the chair is also the carrycot so it can be changed depending on the age of your baby.

Simply zip off the material and the structure evolves as a chair making it multiuse and a huge saving for parents that often have to fork out hundreds of pounds extra for functionality from birth.

The carrycot can also be used for daytime naps and overnight purposes.

The seat on this pushchair is really roomy.

Testing it with my 2yo, there’s a lot of growing room for her.

It’s got a good depth to it so naturally cradles even larger children, and because of the depth, the sides provide a cocoon protecting more against the elements.

Younger babies will especially love this element, particularly when it comes to drifting off into a slumber as it has that feeling of security.

For safety it features a solid five-point harness and the leathertee bumper bar provides an extra layer of security, as well as a little extra style.

Design wise, the seats have definitely evolved over time and it’s things such as the handy storage pockets located at the back of each seat that make the little quirks on this pushchair so in tune with parents’ needs.

The chairs also feature an extendable hood that neatly and quietly unfolds providing a good layer of coverage.

The canopy is very strong and remains in place thanks to the magnetised inbuilt technology as we recently found when Storm Ali decided to make an appearance! Mesh materials ensure there’s still good ventilation and the peekaboo panel mean you can easily sneak a peak with minimal disturbance.



This pushchair has a one hand fold, great for when you have your hands full with….just about everything! You’ll need a bit of practise but trust me, you’ll get there! It gently collapses back onto itself with a firm push down of the handle. This then automatically locks in position.

When folded it’s as compact as your standard strollers. The seat pieces removed, I actually got everything into the boot of a MINI! It can also freely stand when folded, good for storage.

Frame and Pushing

The Peach is an incredibly durable pushchair.

The frame needs the strength to support two children, and with this comes a confidence in its load ability.

The downside is that it is naturally on the slightly heavier side, particularly if you have two older children in it and are pushing uphill!

Taking on a variety of terrains it faired very well thanks to the all round suspension.

The formation of larger back wheels provides an added toughness to the pushchair that helps glide over more troublesome terrains.

It’s definitely more complacent on smoother grounds, but takes off-roading very nicely as well, and purposely targeting all the big lumps and bumps at the park didn’t feel too onerous at all on my little passengers.

Overall it felt really good to push, incredibly sturdy and despite a little extra muscle power, it moved and manoeuvred all the different landscapes with ease so very impressed with how it performed.

The tyres are also puncture-proof, a big plus point for me having had numerous issues (and cost!) with Stokke tyres in the past.


Single to Double

I have really focused on the Peach as a Double. But as mentioned earlier on, the Peach can be used as a single and many parents will start out life with the Peach this way.

The structure is so you actually build it as a single then using the converter pack, which is included, add on a second seat with the converter clips that simply and quickly fasten on to the frame of the pushchair.

There’s the option to have a range of many different seat configurations so you can find the best formation for two children.

It really is that quick and easy to do, and we had it clipped on and off within a minute.

When you purchase the Peach as a double you have all the components required of the full system to go including stroller, carrycot, seat unit and car seat adaptors.



There’s the option to tailor this pushchair to your desired look. Selecting one of three chassis colours and four beautiful fabric choices ensures you won’t be bumping into too many lookalike Peaches too soon.


Overall Opinion

The iCandy Peach Double is a great pushchair – as a starter, it just looks amazing - great quality fabrics, sturdy frame and beautiful design.

The flexibility of using the pushchair as a single and double provides a longevity and value to it that means you can chop and change its functionality as your family expands and grows.

As a double, it works incredibly well and is one of the best I have encountered.

It's an absolute delight to push, and the customisation of seating positions for two children are very varied that will support change in your children’s sizes, preferences and wonders of the world.

The little attentions to detail on design are what for me take it to that next level with quirks such as the handle protectors and hidden pockets that go some real way to making it a truly invaluable practical pushchair option for parents.


For more information, and to purchase, visit www.icandyworld.com


Published: 27 September 2018


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