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Laura Loves... iCandy Orange

iCandy Orange

So we have had the Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach and now the Orange. 

No, I’m not running through my shopping list, but iCandy’s offering to the pushchair market. 

Have you ever wondered why their pushchairs are named after some of our favourite fruits – I definitely have so decided to ask them and was reliably informed that it was a concept that grew from the ‘Apple’ the first iCandy pushchair that was an anagram of iCandy CEO’s name Appel!

So, what makes the Orange the Orange? 

The iCandy Orange is, for me, one of their sleekest and most stylish of pushchairs and a LOT of consideration has gone in to this particular design. 

Like an excited child on Christmas Day, I am literally struggling trying to highlight what makes me want to gush about this pushchair so I am going to break it down……




This pushchair looks fab – from the nimbus grey frame to the unique shape of the chassis, it is intriguing and you can’t help but go for a second glance in passing.


Single to Double

Surprisingly, the market for double pushchairs is still fairly limited. 

There’s a fair selection of strollers, but for quality pushchairs I feel there’s still plenty of space for development. 

Fortunately this is a single to double pushchair and being touted as ‘future proof’ it is really beneficial to parents that are thinking about the investment of a pushchair for the longer term after having one child. 

Don’t get me wrong, it more than holds its own as a single, but knowing it can be adapted for a second child naturally makes you think longer term and offsets any niggles about the initial cost (although the second seat is an additional purchase).


Buggy Board

One of my favourite features of the Orange is the built in buggy board perfect for an elder sibling that doesn’t need a seat but appreciates the break every now and again.  

It’s such a simple concept, but one that I haven’t seen before. 

I have purchased and used universal buggy boards previously but have often found I am tripping over myself or pushing in a really unnatural way to accommodate the space needed for the board. 

The Orange’s buggy board is a standard part of the structure with a rubber grip and the alignment with the pushchair seat provides adequate space for a toddler with great positioning for them to hold on to the side in comfort without fear of falling or being squashed in. 



Whether you want your child parent or world facing there’s a lot you can do with it – in fact over 30 different formats!

In formation with two chairs, it is set to feature ‘cinema’ style seating which I really like as this ensures that there’s no ‘bad seat in the house’ and both children have a good view of the world around them without obstruction.



Hurray!  The Orange can be folded with the seat piece still on. 

Its things like this that revolutionise the world for me.  

Yes, I know I am talking about a pushchair.  

However, life is hard enough - I have frequently found myself wedged in a small car parking space with screaming baby held back from tending to their needs because I am having to spend extra time finding the space and know how to deconstruct a pushchair just to squeeze it all in to my car, while most probably crushing my weekly shop underneath it!!!! 

It’s not a one handed fold, but it is really easy to do and features autolock making it a very compact self-standing structure.


Shopping Basket

I love a shopping basket as I’m sure you know – this is huge and perfect for me even with two chairs. 

Holding up to 10kg and a substantial 64 litres it gets a big thumbs up!

So, aside from the highlights above, the practicalities of the Orange are great. 

It pushes well, really well, and while it’s heavier than some on the market, you don’t notice the weight in the push (more I found when lifting it.)

I tested it on a few different terrains with two children and found it to be a smooth push, even ‘off-roading’. 

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a strong piece of kit, albeit with a light frame, and with this comes a sturdiness that gives you the guarantee in the pushchair, especially when it’s transporting not one but two of your most precious things. 

This doesn’t detract from the manoeuvrability and flexibility in steering thanks to the formation of two larger back wheels paired with two smaller wheels up front.

The Orange also features a lot of ‘nice to haves’ that you expect from a luxury pushchair – seat multi recline; varied handle extension modes; chunky leatherette bumper bar; adjustable five-point harness; large extendable hood with various modes to name just a few.

For child comfort, the standard seat is incredibly roomy for Marley (aged 21 months) and testing it with Noah (aged four) he had adequate space. 

The nice thing about the different configurations is that you can tailor the seating, especially for two children, pretty much dependant on their preferences. 

If your toddler can amuse your baby by pulling funny faces and provide general interaction or if your child loves to take in the world around them by facing outwards then this will ultimately make the comfort and child’s experience that much greater.

Overall this is a fantastic pushchair and welcome addition to the iCandy family.  Its price is more than justified by its practicality, versatility, longevity and super style.

The iCandy Orange is priced from £875 from https://www.icandyworld.com/uk/en/collections/view/orange/


Published: 10 October 2018




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