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Laura Loves….Fisher Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo

When your little one hits the six-moth mark, they seem so intrigued about the world around them. There’s often a frustration with wanting to do something and the lack of strength/ability to do so. Which is why the Fisher Price Jumperoo is a great toy for explorative babies.


Fisher Price is the brand behind some of the best baby toys in the world, and for me this Jumperoo is most definitely up there. I first encountered one when my eldest was at nursery and I used to walk in every evening to collect her to find her happily jumping up and down with it while the staff were tidying up and that is one of the great things about it – it’s ability to securely hold and entertain your child to free yourself up to do something else.


The Jumperoo is a fab contraption from around six months of age (or whenever your baby can hold their own head) that features a bouncy seat that twists around 360 degrees for your little ones to access a whole heap of lights, sounds and touch toys, all within easy reach to keep them entertained.


The set up is pretty easy; instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. I did it in about 15 minutes so was happy with that and because it’s so big you feel like you have really accomplished something!


Once set up, it is a sturdy, large piece of kit, and takes up a fair bit of room so that’s a consideration for smaller spaces. Fortunately, you can fold it in to itself, which is a good space saver for when it isn’t been used but there’s no getting away from the fact it will eat into your lounge space. Weight wise the steel frame means that it’s pretty lightweight so easy to move from room to room if you wanted to move it from your lounge to kitchen to occupy your child while cooking for example.


To use, you simply set the height of the seat based on that of your child so they can reach the floor on their tiptoes, and then pop them in. The hammock-style seat has a small back so they are lightly supported but really they need to be able to hold themselves up.


We popped my niece in to it and immediate she was bouncing up and down and excitedly pressing the buttons and pulling at the hanging toys. She happily played for 20 minutes….until she fell asleep in it!


There’s a LOT of colourful jungle-themed toys on this Jumperoo covering off sensory, gross motor and educational skills; children love familiarising themselves with the different elements, then moving on to something new so it keeps their short attention spans. You can sense when they particularly enjoy something as they have a habit of being more animated and bouncy in the seat and it’s quite infectious as you find yourself laughing as they bounce up and down like a yoyo!


Some of the toys pop out too for use without the Jumperoo chair so that’s a nice extra if you want to take some of their favourite toys away with you.


The Jumperoo has been through many redesigns over the years and this current version is a fantastic, fun game that is guaranteed to provide hours of bouncy fun for energetic babies.


The Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo is priced £104.99. For more information on the Jumperoo and other Fisher Price product, visit www.Fisher-Price.co.uk



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