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Laura Loves…Ergobaby OMNI 360

Ergobaby OMNI 360

When someone shows you a baby carrier, it’s so easy to think yes it’s another one – carries your baby, has multiple settings, so on and so forth.

For me personally, the look and style of a baby carrier aren’t overly important, it’s all about the fit and wear and ultimately the comfort largely for baby, but more importantly for parent.

 Babies are heavy – fact, wearing them is tiring – they’re not exactly a set of jewellery, they are growing moving people, and while baby wearing affords so many flexibilities that a pushchair doesn’t bring, it can also bring a large physical strain.

But on to brighter things, which is where Ergobaby’s new carrier comes in!  

Ergobaby have made a reputable name for themselves when it comes to baby carriers – I previously owned, and loved, an Ergobaby Original carrier, so is this really a whole new ball game or more of a rehashed product?

The OMNI 360 is billed as an all in one carrier – this basically means it is perfectly suited for parent and growing baby with all the versatility you need.  

It is suitable for babies from 7lbs (so pretty much newborn) up to 33lbs and doesn’t require any modifications or inserts to take it through this range, which is definitely an improvement on the previous inserts needed.

Taking it out the box, I was pleased to see they have kept with the same good quality fabric material, as opposed to any hard structural pieces.  

This is complimented with chunky soft support pieces that sit on pressure points on the body. 

It’s pretty self-explanatory as far as baby carriers go – I found it easy to piece together, as there are no extras to add in so it’s one system ready to go.  

There are a few Velcro tabs and buckles, but I tend to go headfirst and start adjusting to get a feel for what they offer before reading up.

There are the thorough instructions to hand though should you get stuck…or simply would like to do it right first time!   

The carrier comes with four carry positions between parent/world facing options with front, back and hip carrying positions so lots of choice which is great as our core strength can really vary, especially depending on baby’s shape and size so I found it nice that when it becomes too much in one position I can easily mix it up.  

The ease and flexibility in being able to change the settings is a great feature too as it’s simple and can easily be down while out and about.



The three leg width options was a new one for me – three different settings for the spacing of the legs provide more options as baby grows from baby to toddler for increased comfort and natural positioning ensuring they’re happy and safely seated.

The waistband is one of the standout features for me – it’s chunky and rigid so it personally sat really well around my middle, and the lumbar support it provides really helped to evenly balance the weight.

I also really liked the option to wear the straps on the back in a crossover positioning.  

For me, this felt more supported and like a stronger, more secure structure.

The weight was distributed more across my back, as opposed to the shoulders so it didn’t pull me down in the same way.

It also gave me a larger sense of trust in the carrier, which I hadn’t considered previously.

The seat itself is a nice structured bucket chair piece and I found baby sits really comfortably in a natural position in it.  

The seat is also really well padded and the babies I tested it with seemed happy taking in the world around them or restfully snuggled up.

Little extras such as the roomy zip storage pouch, which is detachable; and sun hood make it a well-crafted, attractive carrier that really does have all the features you need.

As a baby carrier, I found this to be one of the most comfortable I have ever reviewed, particularly for extended periods of testing time.  

I am happy to admit that I usually feel some aches and pains after about 25 minutes of carrying with previous carriers, but I didn’t feel the same strain as it works with the different areas of strength on the upper body to really evenly distribute the weight.  

I always feel you need a lot of trust in a baby carrier and this is 100% it for me.

The Ergobaby OMNI 360 is available in six colours (Herringbone, Blue Daisies Pure Black, Pearl Grey, Midnight Blue and Khaki Green) from www.ergobaby.co.uk priced £154.90


Published: 14 March 2018



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