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Laura Loves…Ella’s Kitchen BIG KIDS

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Ella’s Kitchen was always one of my go to brands for baby food.  Combining home made with the convenience of shop bought pouches, I trusted Ella’s Kitchen for the goodness and the kids loved, them, and still do enjoy the sweeter ones.

I assumed it was the end of my Ella’s journey once the kids were all comfortable on solids, however they’ve now launched a new range just for big kids available exclusively from Tesco.

Targeting children aged two to eight years, it has all the goodness properties from the pouches – no added sugars, artificial colures, flavours or preservatives, and there are even gluten free options.


What I really like with this range is that it is a frozen range so it has the longer flexibility of when you use it, and for that reason I can rely on it similarly to the pouches as a great backup option.   I can keep them in the freezer for those unexpected days when things just don’t go to plan (we all have them right?!) and you could really do with something nutritious and hearty, but don’t have anything in, the time or inclination to start cooking from scratch.


Using organic and sustainably sourced products, we got our hands on the Cod Fishies and fluffy mash and the Meaty Meatballs with veggies and tomato sauce.  They take just minutes straight into the microwave and are good hearty meals. 

The taste test for me is always with the children so aged 2, 5 and 7, we divided up the meals and all three of them woofed them down.  The range extends to include Pea-sy Mac ‘n Cheese, Upside Down Cottage Pies and Cheese Croquettes with cauliflower, a healthy take on some nourishing and filling dishes which make them great winter fillers.


There’s also a smaller collection of frozen snacks that you can pop out the freezer for a mid-afternoon treat, lunchbox filler or tasty offering for a play date.  These come in the form of savoury and sweet offerings with Sweet Potato Falafels, Veggie Frittatas, Strawberry and Bananas Muffins and Cheese and Courgette Muffins.  I really like the selection of savoury snack items, explorative combinations that add plenty of punch with flavour and varied texture to keep food interesting.


Lastly are the five veggie boosts - frozen puree cubes, similar to how you’d find cubes of frozen kale.  I often purchase frozen kale and add it in to lots of meals for the whole family for added goodness; so I have been using these cubes in the same way, as when it’s in this format, the children cannot even see it, but I know there’s all the vitamins and health benefits from sneaking it in to a pasta sauce or casseroles.  They come in a mix of single flavours such as swede and squash, or there are combination selections such as carrots, swedes, beetroot and parsnips.  They’re also great for weaning if you choose to use them on their own or add to your own DIY foods for extra favour and taste sensations.



Ella’s Kitchen’s frozen food range starts at RRP £2.50 for the stir-in veggie boosts and features 14 products from Tesco.  For further information and to see the full range visit ellaskitchen.co.uk/frozen-food




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