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Laura Loves…Doddl Cutlery

Doddl Cutlery

I came across Doddl cutlery at The Baby Show early last year and picked it up simply because it looked so different to all other cutlery on offer.

Chunky and small, it looked perfect for little hands to get maximum control so I bought a spoon there and then, and in the way that your children become obsessed with something they love, this spoon has long been a favourite for Marley.

Thus, when the opportunity to review the full cutlery set came up, I jumped at the chance!

Teaching a child how to use cutlery, particularly a knife and fork is a hard task for parents.  It’s taking on that next level of self-feeding to combine strength, coordination and finally accuracy to navigate food from fork to mouth. 

Doddl had noted that the frustration of children during mealtimes centred on bad practise in the hold, which in turn provides less control followed by greater waste and frustration. 

And this vicious circle is how Doddl came about. 

With some ergonomic designed handles that support natural self-feeding, they help to develop fine motor skills, dexterity and a correct grip for feeding.


Comparing the Doddl cutlery to the plethora of other cutlery we currently have, the standout feature is its compact size.

It makes sense that the ratio of cutlery length to hand needs to be more in line with that of an adult for maximum effect; and since introducing Marley to Doddl her hand/eye coordination has increased so much. 

The ergonomics of the handle also guide hands to sit comfortably in the correct positioning unlike other brands that often allow for multiple holds that can generate bad habits as they develop.

Introducing Marley to the knife and fork has been interesting, a knife is an intriguing concept to get your head around when your food has always been finely cut up.

However, I have now started to add challenges onto her plate that require more cutting, and with the lead from adults and her older siblings in the household, I am really impressed with her accurate cutting technique from the knife. 

It’s not sharp, but more has ‘big teeth’ that will easily grind through softer foods but doesn’t possess any worrying safety concerns.


The fork has been designed in a way that provides comfort for scooping and stabbing motions and Marley has delighted in being able to move on from using a regular spoon to widening her options.

The cutlery is a great transition from junior to adult cutlery that undoubtedly increases confidence and independence at the age when they most need it.  It’s practical, educational and looks pretty good!

Extending the range, at the end of last year they have added some a couple of bright colours with pink and blue sets so there’s a bit more choice if the lime green doesn’t take your fancy.


Doddl cutlery is available from Boots stores.  For more information, visit www.doddl.com

Published: 17 January 2018



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