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Laura Loves…Christmas Eve Boxes

Laura Loves…Christmas Eve Boxes

So last year it was all about the elf on the shelf, but ever so quietly behind it is the growing phenomenon of the Christmas Eve box.  Is it a box filled with pre Christmas day treats for little ones and is a really nice day to spread the gifting without overwhelming young ones, which is a common issue, on Christmas Day itself.


So we looked up some of the best and special items to fill your box to help make Christmas even more magical…


Christmas Eve Box - Born Gifted, £20


These beautifully hand crafted wooden boxes help instil this ritual as a tradition making an ideal family keepsake.  

They are the perfect size to fill with some special items without it becoming a large expense or chore to fill, and the quality of the workmanship is excellent.  Each one can be personalised with one or two names making it a truly unique gift.


Festive Slippers - Jojo Maman Bebe, £18


Anything given a festive makeover is always super cute at this time of year on a child, but for me slippers just tops it! These gorgeous Reindeer Slipper Boots feature a super cosy fleece lining to keep little feet snug and the anti-slip sole keep them practical.


Christmassy story - The Snowman, Penwizard £17.99


For a truly magical Christmas story, I just love Raymond Briggs’ beautifully illustrated tale of The Snowman.  This personalised edition allows you to add in your own child so they are written in to the tale and illustrated throughout as you choose a variety of options to match the look of the child.  


Christmas PJs - TU at Sainsburys from £7.00


For a wide choice of great value pyjamas, not just for the kids but right through to adult, Sainsbury’s TU has an excellent range of Christmas PJs.  I fell in love with the ‘My 1st Christmas’ all in one suit, but there’s some more unusual takes on the usual festivities such as the Christmas pizza tree print!  


Chocolate Treat - Godiva, £7.50


It’s all about a warm up treat for the main event, so a small chocolate treat such as these Godiva Snowmen or Santa are just a nice size for little hands, and not too bad for parents to sneak a nibble.


Teddy - In The Night Garden Twinkling Lullaby Igglepiggle, £29.99


A cosy stuffed toy to snuggle up on Christmas Eve is the perfect accompaniment to settling down for a good night’s sleep.  This Igglepiggle plays four different lullabies and has a glowing star that lights in calming colours to help children relax and soothe them into a slumber, allowing parents take advantage of the much-needed time to prep for the big day ahead.

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