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Laura Loves…Britax Römer DUALFIX i-SIZE

Britax Römer DUALFIX i-SIZE

A few months back, Britax Römer decided to update their Dualfix car seat in the form of the Dualfix i-Size.

I hadn’t actually reviewed the Dualfix before, so can’t really testify to the updates from a first hand experience, but I have done some digging about to seek out the improvements.

First thing – this car seat is i-Size compliant, something to have your head in for future use when it will become mandatory.

The other key point is that this car seat will take your baby from birth up to approx. four years of age in a forward/rearward position so it has the longevity sorted.

Taking the car seat out of the HUGE box, I wasn’t surprised to see that it comes pre-set as one large piece made up of ISOFIX base with extendable leg and car seat that sits neatly on top.

Despite being aimed from newborn, it’s not a toting car seat and cannot be used with any travel systems as its sole purpose is to remain in the car.

It’s not too onerous to transfer from car to car but moving the base and heavy seat can be a little taxing so not an option I’d recommend for doing on a regular basis.


Our car seat was the Cosmos Black; a classic jet black accentuated with grey shoulder detailing that looks stylish and current.

Other more vibrant colours are available, I just prefer a black car seat because…. shockingly (and don’t judge me!) it just hides the dirt a little better!

However this cover can be easily removed and washed which definitely helps on the cleanliness maintenance.

Installation of the car seat is easy – you will need to ensure your car is suitable for this chair so it’s worth checking on the Britax Römer website beforehand; but it requires the base to clip into the ISOFIX setting, extending the arm leg to take the weight on the floor of the car and then adjust the rebound bar for it to sit flush.

The one thing I do love about ISOFIX is the elimination of any concerns for fitting and security as it a fixed, secure set up that has an easy-to-read red/green light indicator and clicking noise to notify you it is correctly installed to make life so much easier.


Britax Römer specialise in safety, part of the reason they update their portfolio of car seats so regularly is because they constantly invest and roll out new technology.

Rest assured this car seat comes with all the latest they have on offer that meets with current and future legislation coming in to force – side impact protection, patented PIVOT link ISOFIX set up and SICT protection are just a few of the safety features.

It in the event of an accident, I honestly believe that you would be hard pushed to find a more protective car seat for your child.

The headrest extends to compliment the height of your child, and in turn this aligns the shoulder straps so that everything is configured with their size.

Other flexibility, and improvements on it’s predecessor, comes with the recline options.

There’s an impressive six choices, and while this may not be overly relevant to bigger kids, for smaller babies it’s so important that they have adequate support and are comfortably nestled in to their car seat.

These recline options can be used in any seat setting, which the old Dualfix was unable to accommodate, and for any size and weight of child within the Dualfix i-Size eligibility scale.

Using the car seat with 24 month-old Marley, we didn’t need the newborn insert so popped that away, but it’s good to know the chair comes complete with this.

She is of the age now where she can sit rearward or forward facing. Babies should be rearward facing up until the age of at least 15 months, and then it’s recommended they stay rearward facing, but it’s not legislation so you have options.

Personally, I try to keep her rearward facing as there is mounting evidence that this is the safest way to travel with children but I know sometimes she likes to see more of what’s going on around us.


The handy thing with this car seat, which I am noticing more and more, is that it can rotate to a 360-degree swivel.

This makes loading and unloading your little ones into the car easier and safer as you have the optimum view to check the five point harness is properly secured.

It also means you can switch effortlessly from rearward/front facing modes with the press of a button which then clips into the four 9- degree set positions for loading and sitting.

This is a fab car seat – it looks great, is soft to touch and comfortable for baby, has superior safety features and despite the heftier price tag, has the longevity to counteract the price making it a ideal car seat for the first four years of your child’s life.

The Britax Römer Dualfix i-Size is priced £430. For more information, visit www.britax.co.uk.


Published: 5 April 2018


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