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Laura Loves…Britax MAX-WAY PLUS


Britax Romer is second to none when it comes to safety and is a favoured brand by the experts and parents alike.

They continue to invest heavily into research and technology leading the way in safety measures when it comes to transporting our precious babies so there’s always plenty of new products to have a mooch at.

The MAX-WAY PLUS is an extended rearward car seat suited for children from 9kg up to 26kg, so around the 9-month mark up to six years.

It’s worth noting that it is only rear facing so you need to be pretty dedicated to the cause to use it for it’s full length.

Research has proven that one of the biggest benefits of keeping your child rearward facing for a longer period of time is that the design allows for them to be better protected thus preventing serious injury to their head and neck in the event of a collision so definitely the recommended way to travel.


Taking it out the box and it is good to go. Not too heavy or bulky, and I could lift it pretty easily.

Fitting the chair takes a little bit of fiddling; there are a few tether straps and brackets to align before feeding the belt through the slots into the buckle.

You just need to tighten everything up and lock it in before checking everything is fitted correctly. It took me about 15 minutes until I was satisfied with the fitting.

It wouldn’t take me as long again, I just wanted to get it right as per the instructions.

Britax do a number of car seats within this category and you can read through some of the ‘Laura Loves’ reviews to take a peek at some of the other options, so I really wanted to seek out what makes the MAX-WAY PLUS different.

Well… in addition to copious amounts of safety features that come as standard with Britax chairs – we are talking advanced side impact protection (SICT), super thick protective side wings and five point harness, this seat really hones in on comfort – comfort for baby and for parent.


There are a few discreet design elements that set the MAX-WAY PLUS apart – it’s definitely a comfortable chair, roomy but with a hint of snugness that cuddles your child into the throes of the deep seat.

The padding is plentiful and moulds around your baby’s body.

The chair also has a great range of recline settings.

It reclines with easy thanks to a bar you pull out so you can set the recline to anywhere within the scale of the bar.

Flexibility for recline is common with baby car seats but as your child grows, it can be quite limiting.

My toddler, aged 2.5 years still loves to nap during the day, and while routines can be all over the shop, on a long car journey she loves nothing more than to nod off.

Even as adults we know how uncomfortable it can be to fall asleep at an awkward angle, so being able to alter the recline to their perfect positions means it is good for short and long journeys for maximum comfort.

To keep clean, the cover pops off quick and easy for all those messy spills and crumbs.

You don’t even need to remove the harness. Better still, it goes back on just as easy (this is often the tricky bit!)

It’s one of Britax’s simpler chairs, there’s no swivel or ISOFIX base, but it is a great chair at a more reasonable price point when it comes to investing in quality that won’t break the bank.

The absence of a heavy, chunky base also means it’s slightly slimmer, perfect for trying to sandwich a third person in between two car seats so it does have it’s benefits!


The Britax Romer MAX-WAY PLUS can be purchased at https://www.britax-roemer.co.uk


Published: 6 September 2018


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