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Laura Loves…Britax Holiday

Laura Loves…Britax Holiday

I adore the name of this pushchair – it makes me smile and brings to mind an image of fun family breaks away. Other than the obvious nice name, it sets the theme for the pushchair.

It’s no accident it’s called Holiday as if you had to set a purpose for it then a holiday is the ideal scenario. The pushchair launched last month and is the latest product from Britax Romer. Suitable for children from around six months up to three years (or 15kg) it is simply one of, if not the, lightest pushchair you can get your hands on.

Arriving in a small box, I was impressed. It was tiny, and lifting it within the box, all 5kg of it felt a super easy weight to tote.

Folded dimensions come in at 60cm length and 25.5cm width. This means the small size is really handy for placing in overhead compartments on a plan/train. So what exactly do you get for your tiny-sized pushchair?

Well opening it up, it has a vaguely familial design similar to some others you may have seen on the market. It opens with a sturdy slimline frame with simple stretched material that forms the seat piece, cover and wider structure to the pushchair.

A little pop of colour, courtesy of the hood and strap covers, makes it stand out from the crowd but I have to say that it looks pretty funky and intriguing, as it is which I really like.

The swivel wheels are really small compared to your typical pushchair. The good thing is that you have a lot of control over the steering and it navigates well with impressive manoeuvrability; however on the flip side the lower seat positioning and lack of suspension means that the wheels take a bit of a beating on rougher terrains which in turn can affect the smoothness of your child’s ride.

The seat itself is actually really comfortable to sit in. I was worried that without all the padding and lining that it would feel a bit tough, but it’s a good, breathable material that is soft to touch and the positioning surrounded by a mesh panelling.   It can also be washed which is great for cleaning up sticky holiday treats!

I really liked the upright position, a little more upright than your average stroller, which I often find a bit of a slinked awkward position for children. It’s great too for them to take in their surroundings.

While it offers a UPF50+ hood with sun visor, it is doesn’t provide a lot of shade or cover on the front of your child, a bit of a negative element if you use it to travel to warmer climates where you require sunshade. You can always purchase a universal parasol, but I think it would have been nice to have some extended cover that came a little further forward.

For £120 you don’t expect many extras, but there’s some really good features with this included – a secure five point harness; easy fold mechanism that locks as well; decent-sized shopping basket for all your holiday purchases; and my favourite – a carry handle where you can feasibly sling it over your shoulder and carry on.

Not exclusive to holidays, the design and nifty features make it great for easy use if your lifestyle lends itself well to a lot of on the go in different locations; busy locations that are harder to navigate with a larger pushchair; limitations on space when transporting a pushchair; or simply the need to have a light weight pushchair option.

The Britax Holiday is available in six colours: Coral Peach, Steel Grey, Cosmos Black, Aqua Green, Ocean Blue and Flame Red and will be available exclusively at Argos from August 2017 and other retailers from January 2018, with an RRP of £120.

For more information visit: http://www.britax.co.uk/pushchairs/britax-holiday/ 

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