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Laura Loves….Bling2o goggles

Bling2o goggles

It’s the start of the summer holidays, and with that it usually brings sun, sea and swimming pools so to look too cute for the pool, I love love love these brand new fun goggles from Bling2o.


Available in a wide range of cool designs, the goggles have just launched in the UK following a runaway success over in the US.  They are a great accessory that are not just practical, but look amazing and will make any kids the envy of their friends.


I’m not sure I am cool (or young!) enough to rock these goggles, but I think that’s often one of the fab things about having kids – you can have a little fun with them in a way that is probably more frowned upon for us as adults…although after a gin I may rethink some of the above!


Best suited to children from aged three, there are over 70 amazingly-colourful designs that have been intricately designed to break away from the norm.  It’s actually a pretty untapped market so I think it’s great to have so much more choice with these.


There is just so much attention to detail with these goggles; you can’t stop looking at them.  Popular designs include Splash Lash, Donuts 4 U, Candy Hearts, Terrain Vehicles and Jawsome.  Each pair is crafted in a slightly different shape such as hearts, cars, cat ears and butterflies and the design matches the theme of each pair with plenty of sparkly rhinestones, sprinkles, spikes and even some lashes!



Fortunately it’s not all style over substance, you get a feel for whether something is good quality more often than not when you open it.  The plastic is tough and supple, and the silicone head strap is thick and wide so there’s no scrimping on the materials or quality of it.  I have done some digging and for some assurance with a new name there’s plenty to shout home about - the full range is latex and lead free so there’s no nasties; they’re UV resistant; and a nice one – anti-fog, so they live up to the more established brands easily and have been tested globally for the highest safety standards in accordance with children’s swim products.


When you have goggles as standout as these, it really doesn’t matter what the swimsuit looks like, they’re such a great talking point and since my pair have been rocking them to the pool I have been inundated with friends asking where they were purchased.


The Bling2o range also extends to swim masks, snorkels and kickboards so take a look at their website for plenty more inspiration!


The Bling2o goggles are priced from £16.99 and are available from Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols, Paperchase and independent stores.

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