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Laura Loves…Babybjorn High Chair

Babybjorn High Chair

Babybjorn are pretty good at designing baby carriers, they even design some other bits of baby kit from time to time too, such as this highchair.

They clearly believe they hit the nail on the head because it’s the only one they do so being a big fan of the carriers and other items in the Babybjorn family I am excited to test this one out.

The Babybjorn High Chair is aimed at babies from six months that can main a sitting position; through to three years so the perfect age for when you want to start thinking about weaning.

The first thing I noticed about the chair was that there are no restraints. Intrigue took over any elements of panic as I had spotted something but wasn’t quite sure what it was.

Frantically flicking through the booklet, I started to piece together the set up of the high chair and the reason for no straps.

You see, instead of having a typical seat and detachable table with your child harnessed in to the chair, the Babybjorn highchair works with your child in the seat but the table is in effect the restraint with a lock mechanism that keeps them in position.

There’s actually quite a few benefits to this – my big bug bear is when Marley pushes her legs down and tries to arch her back to get out of her current highchair, whereas the ergonomics of this chair and table don’t allow her the freedom.

Psychologically, having your child at a height without the conventional harness structure is a hard one to get your head around, but having pulled and tested out various scenarios, (and I am pretty sure Babybjorn did more thorough testing too!) it is definitely a safe option that I have full confidence in.

The high back scooped chair has an upright back rest that promotes a good sitting position for younger children, and is a lot more structured than a pull up chair for older children, so it’s worth using for the duration.

The tray table is in a slightly higher position than some other high chairs I have previously reviewed.

This is good for younger children that are developing their independent eating as it just makes the distance from bowl to mouth that bit shorter increasing the success rate of more of the food ending up in its intended destination. 

Structurally it has simple neat lines, something I have observed within a lot of Babybjorn’s products, which probably stems down to the chic Swedish trend in décor and design.

These simple lines and smooth surfaces have meant minimal niggly bits to try and pick food out from so it’s just easier to keep clean and I am always grateful for anything that gives me an easier life as a busy working mum of three. 

It’s not a huge piece of kit when set up, and is relatively lightweight for a high chair so the option to fold and open as frequently as you like is great if you’re short on space.

The fold goes down to an compact 25cm which is great for storing neatly away.

As a highchair it’s definitely really functional, it is more of a product that does as it says on the tin really well, opposed to an all singing dancing highchair that does a million other things, and I like it for that reason.

The Babybjorn High Chair is priced £200 from www.babybjorn.co.uk.


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