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Laura Loves…Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini

My newborns have always been babies that just love to be held and close. 

I seem to have a special power of being able to magically place down a perfectly sleeping baby for them to awake and scream to high heaven for the next 30 minutes non-stop. 

Baby carriers have been a great lifeline for this very reason; when I need to just make a quick bite to eat, get some fresh air, or run the hoover round the house I have been able to keep baby close in their preferred position and have my hands free to function.

Baby carrier experts, Babybjorn, have been making carriers for decades launching new and innovative carriers throughout that time, and I relied on the One carrier throughout Grace and Noah’s younger years. 

They have very recently launched a new offering - the Mini. 

The Mini is solely for those first 12 months – design has been purposely kept simple and the focus is on that essential closeness and making it cosy for babies to snuggle in to while feeling safe and secure.

Taking it out the box, the size struck me - it’s so small! 

It is like a miniature version of the One!

You can easily pack it away in your change bag or somewhere discreet, as it’s a small piece of kit without all the strapping that comes with larger carriers.

It’s also super soft; I notice that some of the newer Babybjorn designs have been a lot softer but this is probably a touch further. 

The triple-layered material has three purposes – to provide structure, softness and breathability. 

Right away I noticed how luxurious and chunky it feels to touch, but it is strong and has the substance that gives confidence in the design.


It works with a similar strapping system in the same way as their other carriers but without the lumbar belt support as it doesn’t hold the same weight as the larger ones so it’s very much a pop it on and tighten set up. 

A great benefit to it’s simplicity is that it’s not overwhelming to parents that haven’t experienced baby wearing before.

It’s a good entry level carrier that you can build your confidence with and then when they hit the 12 month mark, if you want to continue, you know a bit more about what you want for support for your body and what your baby likes and needs.

Keeping it simple means it’s really easy to pop on and wear. 

You really don’t need the instructions at all. 

It still provides different settings depending on the size of your baby; so it’s always worth checking that information to make sure you are providing adequate support for their legs, back and head.

It has maintained one of the handy features that ensure that the pocket that your baby sits inside can open completely – very handy for smooth transition from carrier to cot.

I wasn’t expecting it, but the Mini can be worn parent or world facing which is great for when your newborn turns into a curious little person that wants to take in more of the world around them.

One of the quotes on the marketing campaign is ‘slow down’ and it really made me think - we are often counting down the days/weeks/month until the newborns can do the next thing, enter the next phase. 

I was once at a Baby Sensory class and a fellow mum asked me what Marley’s next milestone was and I had no idea because being my third and final child I was just treasuring the here and now and have over time stopped worrying about the ‘what’s next’. 

They grow up so quickly, it’s nice to enjoy them being small and to have equipment that they don’t need to ‘grow in to’.

Sure, this small carrier has a relatively shorter lifespan than your average from birth baby carrier, but that’s the beauty of it being of optimum fit from the go.


The Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini starts from £79.99 from www.babybjorn.co.uk.


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