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Laura Loves…Baby Sleeping Bags

Silent night

Baby sleeping bags have been one of my go-to products since having baby Grace.

They provide the safety and security for covering little ones during their sleep, when, let’s be honest, you cannot have eyes on to check them all the time.

They’re easy to use and become ever so familiar to a child with mine taking them to nursery, grandparents as well as using them for naps and overnight sleeps at home.

There’s now so much choice, whether you want it for home/away/on the go, warm/cold climates, baby/toddler you name it, and while there’s no right or wrong one, I thought I’d pull out my Top 10 current faves to share with you…..


  1. Brand New - Silentnight silentnight.co.uk

Many of us know of Silenight through their established range of duvets and bedding, but very recently they have made a natural transition to baby sleeping bags with the introduction of a new 2.5 tog baby bag.

Available in just two designs at the moment – pink or grey stars, you can pick one up in either 0-6 months or 6-18 months sizes.


  1. All Round – GroBag gro-store.com

Ollie the Owl

One of the original idea founders, the Gro Company, is where it all started for the baby sleeping bags!

Over the past 18 years they have gone from strength to strength with even more choices in tog, sizes and innovation.

One of the latest designs to have caught my eye is the new Ollie the Owl design, part of a new nursery collection that features a cute grey owl that has all the familiar Grobag features and has super soft velour to touch.


  1. Great for Nappy Changes – SnuzPouch snuz.co.uk


We’ve all been there in the middle of the night trying to quietly and calmly change a poop-disaster in the pitch black while fumbling around generally making a mess of things!

I love discovering new little things that make life easier!

These SnuzPouches do just that – a unique opening on the front reveals a handy area to quickly, and discreetly, change baby bottoms, which should help to reduce disturbances for those middle of the night poop changes!


  1. Disney Lovers - aden + anais adenandanais.co.uk

I have long had a love affair with aden + anais.

The sleeping bags are all made from the most breathable cotton muslin, and while they’re not the thickest sleeping bags, they enable baby to self regulate their own heat really well. The other nice thing is that the more you wash them, the softer they get.

This year they have extended the popular Disney collection with the introduction of the Lion King, 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocrats, meaning our favourite Disney films can long live on in our children!


  1. Great Outdoors – Reima reima.com


This 2-in-1 Kikatus overall converts in to a sleeping bag.

Although it’s not suitable for overnight usage, it’s a fab and incredibly practical onesie to keep your baby snuggly and warm if you’re out and about and they are sleeping.

The Kikatus has light wadding and is handily made from water and dirt repellent material making it easy to care for.

The fold-over sleeve and leg ends protect tiny toes and fingers meaning there’s no need for booties and mittens (which, as we all know can often end up getting lost!)


  1. Swaddling - Love 2 Dream Swaddle UP cheekyrascals.co.uk

Love 2 Dream

One of the recommended swaddling positions for newborns up to around four months is for baby to be swaddled with their arms in an upward positioning.

I know, from a lot of trying, that swaddling can be as complicated as the Japanese paper arm skill of origami, and when you throw a moving baby in the middle, it can be a bit tricky.

So, this special winged sleeping bag helps parents do this correctly and safely.

The flexibility in the materials also means they can move their hands to face to still self soothe.


  1. Organic – MORI babymori.com


For the ultimate luxury in sleeping bags, MORI are definitely on to something.

Simple to the eye, these are nothing short of beautiful to the touch featuring a blend of bamboo (70%)and organic cotton (30%).

Free from any nasties, all of the fabrics and materials are ethically sourced and made so that they’re the kindest to young skin.

A handy extra is the concealed pockets that allow for the sleeping bag to be used in a pushchair or car seat by threading the belt through the holes.


  1. New Designs – ergoPouch Sleep Suit ergopouch.co.uk


ergoPouch, the Australian company renowned for their skin-friendly, and natural sleeping suits are launching a beautiful new summer collection of swaddles and sleeping sacks.

My daughter is currently in one of the ergoPouch sleep suits.

This ingenious design enables the suit to transform from a traditional ‘bag’ to suit as the zippers can convert the space to two leg holes that are complimented with non slip pads so that they can safely walk with adequate grip while keeping the same level of warmth.


  1. Value - Asda Born to Sleep asda.com

Whatever you do, don’t discount supermarket options just because it’s the same place you pick up your milk and bread.

Asda has some really good sleeping bags available from a wallet-friendly £13.

The range includes some great looking bags with really bright, bold prints and applique detailing.

  10. Cossiness Jojomamanbebe jojomamanbebe.co.uk


A toasty range of 3.5 tog sleeping bags make this a great option for winter or colder climates.

The long sleeve arms and wadding ensure it’s a truly cosy bag, with a full open zip so you can moderate the heat in case they get a little warm.

The Breton stripes make for a simple design that can work well within most nursery décor.



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