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Laura Loves… Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Baby Jogger City Select LUX

For anyone familiar with Baby Jogger’s City Select, the City Select LUX is it’s predecessor, the one that has a hell of a lot to live up to according to reports as the City Select was a runaway success. 

I never reviewed the City Select so this pushchair is completely new to me, hence this review is from fresh eyes!

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is a pushchair that is designed to grow with you and your family so a special nod to first time parents thinking and budgeting long term. 

It converts from a single to a double (second chair purchased separately) and even a triple (stroller board not magic!) so hearing of this longevity just makes me so happy as a mother to three myself as it makes for great value.


The first thing that surprised me about this pushchair, especially as I’d read up in advance, was the size. 

The box is so much slimmer and smaller than most pushchairs so I wasn’t sure what to expect as I took it out the box. 

It is a solid pushchair once constructed, as you expect for carrying up to three children, but once you take off the seat pieces, it features a very compact collapse (30% smaller than it’s predecessor) so space for storage and transportation is less of an issue.

The seating alignments for this pushchair are a really coup. 

Featuring no less than 20 seat combinations, the single seat piece is a reversible chair that can be aligned with car seats (various brands will work with adaptors), add on chair pieces, carrycots and of course the stroller board. 

A bit of mixing and matching will keep you occupied as you find the right configuration if you have more than one child. 

A nice feature is that if you have twins, the two seats together are cinema style so there’s no ‘bad’ seat with blocked view, and if both children want to sit facing each other or both outwards then there’s the flexibility to do so with minimal restrictions that can often be found on twin pushchairs.


The chair itself is noticeably wider than many others on the market. 

It features less padding in the corners and less curvature on the sides, which allows for more space on the interior. 

In saying that it has a nice padding and the soft luxe material makes it a comfy chair.

It’s worth noting that it’s also machine washable so easy to keep clean.

The seat also features a UV 50+ canopy that extends just over 45 degrees across the seat so has fair protection from the elements. 

The magnetic peep window on top is a nice extra too.  Unusually the canopy can be completely removed too so always good to have options.

I have really enjoyed pushing this pushchair – the big all-terrain wheels give it to the stability and robustness required to push with force and they take on pretty much every surface and curb with ease. 

It pushes effortlessness and manoeuvrability is without doubt fantastic as I was twisting and turning it at speed!

The brake on this pushchair is a hand brake.  I’ve not come across a hand brake on a pushchair before so it’ a novel idea for me, and subsequently my friends who were all keen to have a try! 

To operate is very similar to that on a bike, and it can be locked in position too. 

I felt more in control of the brake, than having it at my feet, and found the motion more sudden if I needed to brake more suddenly. 

There’s no worries when it comes to flip flop weather too as footwear doesn’t need to be coordinated with the brake function.


For a chunky shopping basket this gets top marks - one of my standout features as I always like to mention in my reviews  – you just know as a mum you need to pack absolutely everything and you can easily fit a large change bag and at least one bag of shopping inside here.

The pushchair comes in a two colours at the moment – a grey tone Slate or a deep reddish Port, both stylish and sophisticated deep tones, and it helps that any marks don’t show up too clearly!

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this pushchair. 

On the slightly down side, I did find it a little heavy but it’s absolutely solid and pushes like a dream. 

I am always after a bargain and value for money so the flexibility and options this provides for multiples and/or subsequent children mean it offers so much longevity and the high quality of craftsmanship is built for it to last the test of time so you feel reassured it could well just be the only pushchair you ever need to buy. 

And if you don’t believe me, just ask any of your friends as this Baby Jogger is gathering quite the cult following as it’s been commonly touted as ‘one of the best pushchairs’ around.

The City Select Lux is priced £669.99 / £879.98 (single / double). For more details, visit http://babyjogger.co.uk/product/city-select-lux/



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