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Angel’s Face

Angel’s Face is one of those go to places for girls wear when you are in need of something a little extra special – whether it be a party, Christmas, family occasion – you get the idea!

With Christmas looking, I felt it time to add to our Angel’s Face collection. Angel’s Face clothing can be found in independent and department stores, but for the full range you can’t beat the choice online.

Probably best known for their original product, their delicately soft tutus that encase little girls’ waists in no less than 40 metres of the softest frills, the brand is continually expanding so plenty for me to check and try with my two little girls.

First up was the baby Cardicoat, part of the new range aimed at little girls from birth up to 12 months.

As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid between your cardigan and coat – thicker than an average cardigan making it a good layer for colder seasons and also a safer alternative to an over layer when travelling in car seats.

The chunky knit is a loose cotton crochet, making it really breathable, and the blend of materials provides a softness that is supple and moves freely with a youngsters’ movements.

The design, as always with Angel’s Face, is striking. The collar and arm pieces and have a definitive fold/join that stands out.

Against the vintage blush colouring, the gold buttons and charm accents stand out to add a little finesse to make an attractive piece.

I couldn’t not pick something up for Grace, aged six years, so topped up my shopping trolley with a pair of silver sequin Character Heels.

Sequins are still very on trend, although I am sure it’s a festive trend that will never go out of fashion right?!

Available in a silver, gold or pink, the strappy shoe with one inch heel are ideal for the Christmas season to add some sparkle and fun to brighten up an everyday outfit or perfect a party dress.

As my daughter’s first foray in to anything remotely akin to a heel, I tried to gauge the level of comfort but this lacked so far behind the thrill of her own ‘big girl shoe’ that I couldn’t possibly extract any negatives from her!

As with sequin anything, I often find that over a short period of time the wear is testament to the finish and quality.

To date (one month on with fairly regular wear) the typical
youngster scuffing and scraping has shown little evidence within the shoes, and there’s definitely no trail of sequins left behind so I am confident that they will be a sturdy shoe for the duration.

I must admit I was previously a tad nervous about the idea of little girls in heels, but have to say they look really elegant, and if the occasion fits I have no qualms about these being worn.

The last item I just had to get - my favourite – a new tutu skirt. Available from a size 0-1 through to teens, they are the crème de la crème of Angel’s Face for me.

Selecting Anthracite, it’s a dark charcoal grey chosen purely because I felt it could be easily paired with a lot of any little girl’s existing wardrobe without too much effort.

I cannot express the sheer delight Angel’s Face tutus bring to Grace’s life – it sounds dramatic but true – she has worn the tutus for her own birthday parties for the past couple of years so that’s some pretty high esteem!

From the vintage hatbox packaging, through to the super soft touch, and induced twirling when she puts it on.

The frilly nylon-chiffon layers bring out a freedom inside of my little girl, and while she is definitely no ballerina (or princess!), it stirs up a whimsical liberty as she is constantly dancing and prancing with a huge smile on her face.

From a parent perspective, I think they look fantastic, as do many of my mum friends that ask me A LOT where her tutu skirt is from.

They simply feature really great quality material that is crafted in to the most amazing of skirts.

For more information and to see the full Angel’s Face range, visit www.angels-face.co.uk.



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