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Laura Loves…aden + anais Disney collection

aden + anais Disney collection

Aden + anais are my go to for any muslin-based products. 

I have faithfully used the musy squares for absolutely everything (think along the lines of sick, snot, dribble, swaddle, breastfeeding cover-up) with all three of my children, and continue to buy the products for friends and family as they make beautifully practical gifts.

The main thing you need to know is that the full range is made from a unique layered 100% cotton muslin that is super soft (and gets softer with each wash) and they look absolutely stunning. 

It’s so nice to whip out colourful, attractive print muslins from your change bag rather than an off-white/borderline grey one that just looks tatty!


Last year aden + anais launched a brand new Disney collection. 

Disney, for me, is the epitome of family entertainment and following a family trip to DisneyWorld last year it holds some amazing current memories for me too. 

The nice thing is that for the 30-something generation, the aden + anais collection is a beautiful way to relive some of those Disney classics and share them with your next generation.


Earlier this year they extended their gorgeous Disney collection with the introduction of three new themes - the Lion King, 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocrats.

The collection is available in all of aden + anais’ most-loved products including musy squares, sleeping bags, bibs, dream blanket, swaddles and burpy bibs.


The designs are all fairly unisex, although The Aristocrats is probably more traditional girly with a heavier pop of pink and purple, but generally I’d say they are all lovely for boys or girls.


If I had to choose between the three new designs, I have to admit that the 101 Dalmatians is my favourite, not because it’s my favourite film, but because the print is not overly repeated in design so you can look at it for ages and see different illustrations of the montage of dogs. 

It’s also great for newborns who are more easily able to identify black and white colours so it’s lovely to lay out the 101 Dalmations dream blanket for babies to lie on and enjoy some tummy time while keeping them amused.


I have a sneaky suspicion this isn’t the end of the Disney range, surely with so many fantastic stories and films to choose from, we will soon be seeing even more!

For more information, and to see the full aden + anais Disney range, visit www.adenandanais.co.uk


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