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Lascal Buggy Board

Lascal Buggy Board

My toddler has now hit the oh-so-lovely age of two, she is definitely showing her independence.

While I won't go into all the ways this happens, one rather large expression is when we are out and about in the pushchair.

I switch between my single and double pushchairs and also a sling when out with my two depending on where we are off to, how long for and what I am doing.

Ultimately at some point my toddler will tire of my food bribes and just want to walk around.

What tends to proceed is a rigorous in and out of the pushchair routine with numerous stops and starts which I am sure many mums find all too familiar.

Cue my decision to invest in a buggyboard to see whether this would solve the in and out rigmarole and endless toddler tantrums.

I managed to get my hands on the Lascal BuggyBoard, a universal board that claims to fit 99.9% of pushchairs. It's not a cheap solution at a hefty £65.00 but to some its money well spent.

We are the proud owner of a Quinny Buzz pushchair so decided to attach it to this as I felt it would be the best combination for us.

Available in two sizes, the mini or maxi, we opted for the maxi, a slightly larger board so that my daughter would have more than enough space to move slightly or stand without feeling she was teetering on a little step.

Now I'm not so technical when it comes to fixing and fitting things but having watched the demo video on the website, which happened to attach to the Buzz coincidentally, and reading the instructions it looked very straight forward.

Laying all my pieces out I followed each step and after a little fiddling, ten minutes later I had it attached securely.

Once it's on you can see how simple it is – a standing board with connectors that extend to a clip section that you halter onto the lower part of your pushchair.

It does beg the question why it took so long to become available, but thanks to owner of online retailer, Cheeky Rascals, she spotted potential in a French product known as the KiddyGuard and contacted the inventor with her idea to evolve it so it would fit all pushchairs and as they say the rest is history!

We first tested it on a trip to the zoo and were pleasantly surprised how well she stood on it. She liked being close to and facing her younger brother in the chair allowing them to interact; but we also found she liked the slight height advantage that the board provides giving a raised view point from walking.

As a parent I had complete confidence in the board and find it very easy to hook it up when not in use and remove when putting the pushchair away in the car.

It has such tiny wheels yet while turning the pushchair you only feel the smallest bit of resistance and all things considering it manoeuvres very well.

However, following multiple usage my down point has been the tendency my daughter has to quickly jump off the board without prior warning which can sometimes be dangerous when walking on a path next to a busy road.

One way around this the combined use of reins or a backpack with a strap to keep an extra hold on them should they wish to assert this independence!

Aside from 'escape-gate' the buggyboard is now in its third month of trialling and after using it on different terrains and with different children, it is managing to keep up with us.

It has opened up a lot of flexibility with walking/standing and is very easy to use for the parent and for the child to step on without fuss. 

A shout out has to go to the support and customer service that comes with this it.

It is exceptional – the website or an iPhone/iPad app provides videos and detailed fitting instructions, and there is a customer service team that can assist with any questions or queries and source fittings and connectors for multiple pushchairs dating back years.

Questioned about the claim it fits 99.9% of pushchairs, there is a full listing on their website just in case you are unsure if your one falls into that 0.1%.

However I have it on good authority that they are yet to find that 0.1% and quote it just in case anyone comes forward!

The Lascal BuggyBoard is available from Cheeky Rascals.

by Laura Mason
Mum to 2 Under 2 and currently on maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a 'grip' of motherhood and back to a size 10!

 Published: 1 January 2015


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