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Laura Loves…. Kurio Tablets

Kurio Tablets

Children are becoming more and more au fait with technology these days, and tablets are gathering pace as one of the most-wanted Christmas gifts each year.

There’s now a really good range for the children’s tablet market, which is great for choice, but often confusing for parents that aren’t sure exactly what they are after. One of my favourite brands, Kurio, has been one of the leading providers when it comes to this area and very recently launched two new tablets which I personally think would make any child ecstatic this Christmas.

The new Kurio Tab Connect is the first offering – a 7” Android tablet that is ideal for toddlers aged from around three years of age.

Kurio Connect

Targeting the younger age group, the Connect is what I view as a solid, good quality introductory tablet that includes a lot of the basic features with some preloaded, educational content alongside those essential parental controls. In addition, there’s also the nice feature of being able to control this remotely, whether that’s adjusting the volume, turning it off when they’ve had too much screen time, or handily, communicating with the user via talk or message from a smart phone!

This last feature, definitely felt to my children like it was more than a tablet, and a way to communicate with my husband and I, especially when we are away overnight with work, and this gave them a sense of onus that they enjoyed.

Another really good feature is that within the parental controls, there is the option to reduce the blue light emitted from the screen, which can sometimes often place strain on children’s eyes and make it more difficult for them to relax and sleep.

The second new tablet to the range is the beautiful Kurio Smart 2 in 1 Tablet. I don’t often gush about the appearance of technology, but this looks so slick and impressive I’m gone!

Aimed at slightly older children, this tablet looks like (if not better!) than my own laptop – high res 10” IPS screen for wider viewing angles, detachable bluetooth keyboard and it is packed with lots of great content.

For the tecchies out there, here’s the science bit - the tablet operates on the latest Android Go (8.1 Oreo); Quadcore processor; features 2,1 MPx front and back camera; has 16 GB storage expandable to 128GB and a micro USB charge and storage connection. Sounds good right?!

Worry not though, it’s not an adults tablet badged up for children - there’s lots of consideration still for kids, including the solid magnetic protective case that doubles up as a prop to use the screen and keyboard combo.

This tablet performed really well – set up was really easy with a short 10-minute Quick Start Guide to follow, and then you are off. One thing I have found with children’s tablets is that they can be slow and a little clunky, especially over time as you download more apps and start to eat into the inbuilt memory, but this was quick and the technology is really responsive, even over time, reducing those annoying lags. Navigation is very intuitive and overrall very simple to use so no concerns there from me or the kids. It can be used with or without the keyboard taking it from a tablet to more of a laptop usability. Size wise, it’s good for small hands and fingers, yet with my longer fingers I also found it not too cramped to use.

I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of pre loaded content – some purely for fun and others have a more educational focus. They stray away from some of the more commercialised characters and themes you would probably be familiar with; but this has actually engaged the kids more and they’re very keen to unearth and discover this whole new suite of content. All the useful apps, like YouTube Kids and Office, are all loaded too.

While the tablet is aimed at children, it’s definitely got a lot of life in it and has the ability as a longstanding tablet that will grow with your child as you edit the content based on their age, your preference for how you want them to use it and their general capability.

For this reason, the parental controls, known as the Kurio Genius settings, are particularly important to maintain what I consider to be the required level of control for my kids. Keen to maintain a balance between screen time and physical activity, and to ensure my kids are kept safe and secure, I like that that as a parent I can still limit the content they can view and download, set restrictions on time and manage online access. Similar to the Connect, I can also turn on the blue light filter.

The new Kurio Tab Connect is priced £99.99 and the Kurio Smart 2 in 1 Tablet is priced £179.99 from www.kurioworld.com/uk/

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