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Elvie Trainer

When Elvie approached me about doing a review of their kegel trainer, I must admit that I had to do a bit of research, as I hadn’t previously heard of it and wondered what I might be letting myself in for.

However I am now pleased to report that this has changed and I truly am a convert!

Elvie is a pelvic floor trainer, that in my case is helping me to restore my pelvic floor post three big babies, but can also be used pre pregnancy to ensure you don’t end up having those accidents while bouncing on the kids’ trampoline (just me or anyone else?!)

Not wanting to scare any pregnant mum-to-be out there, but when the midwife tells you to do your pelvic floor exercises daily she is right.

One of the largest problems postnatal is a weak bladder and leakages.

Elvie has been designed to assist in preventing this situation from arising, and helping women to stop the problem if and when it occurs.

Elvie has carefully created alongside doctors and physiotherapists to create the discreet piece of technology and has won numerous awards that are testament to its value.

I am not sure how large I was expecting it to be, but it was smaller than I imagined. I’d liken it to a small pebble that you insert similarly to a tampon.

It’s hard knowing what to do with it and really understanding how it works, especially when it’s operating in an area you cannot even view, but this is where it comes into its own.

It is linked to an app that guides you through workouts that each last five minutes.

Don’t worry there’s no random wires or batteries involved; it’s linked by special non-evasive technology that is very accurately in tune with everything going on down below.

It’s strangely satisfying using the app.

As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, a gemstone on the app rises and lowers akin to an ironman power challenge.

The workouts themselves are tiered between levels starting from ‘Training’ right the way through to ‘Advanced’ – already I can feel my competitive side coming out!

The workouts are mixed up to focus on different aspects that keep interest and focus.

I think one of the main reasons I don’t keep up with my pelvic floor exercises is because I’ll be honest and say it is boring and I forget and before I know it weeks have gone by and I haven’t done anything.

I’ll refer to them as routines for now, but they each have an element of emphasis on the pelvic floor so target strength, lift, pulse, hold, speed and step.

In doing this, I found the five minute time frame passed a lot quicker than expected as I was so fixated on the gemstone on the app so forgot about timing myself which is usually my main concern.

The app has a really clear and simple layout with charts, figures and guidance to help you get the best out of Elvie.

This in turn enables you to clearly track progress and see how close to your target you are which really drives forward motivation.

The Elvie Trainer is available for £179 from elvie.com and johnlewis.co.uk


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