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Love New Products

Love New Products

If you live in the UK and you'd like to receive products free of charge to review for us you need to be a subscribed Product Review member on TheBabyWebsite . If you're not already a Product Reviewer then you can.


It only costs you £9.99 per year, which helps to cover the considerable administration involved for us, and we guarantee you'll receive products to at least this value during your year. You may be lucky and receive something worth an awful lot more! Some have even been lucky enough to receive a family holiday or a top-of-the-range pushchair.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment via Paypal!

As we say above, anyone can review any of the products in our review pages but if you have a product you'd like to tell everyone about that isn't already listed, let us know by clicking "Suggest a Product" at the bottom of each review page. We'll do our best to try to add it to the review pages as soon as we can. You can also let us know about interesting products in the Product Review area of the forum! Or you can Contact Us Here .

If you're a manufacturer or supplier and would like to send out a product to some of our members for them to review, then please Contact Us Here. We'd love to hear from you.

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