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Littles and Bloomz Reusable Nappy, Standard Popper, 6 Nappies + 6 Inserts, 1 Disposable Bamboo Liner, 1 Wet Nappy Bag

Littles and Bloomz Reusable Nappy, Standard Popper, 6 Nappies + 6 Inserts, 1 Disposable Bamboo Liner, 1 Wet Nappy Bag

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Brand: Littles & Bloomz


  • ONESIZE FITS ALL - one-piece size adjustable reusable nappies featured with 3x3 rows sizing buttons that grow with baby from birth to potty. Suitable for most babies weight around 3-15kg.

  • POPPER FASTENER - fasten with adjustable cross-over waist poppers ensure the nappy is probably and snugly secured. There are extra hip snap buttons to prevent wing drooping.

  • STAY DRY MATERIAL - Our cloth nappies are made by waterproof PUL outer and stay dry Suede cloth layer that incredible soft and comfortable. To use with absorbent nappy inserts pad that available in different materials.

  • EASY USE POCKET - nappies are machine washable with special designed pocket opening for easy stuffing and removal. Both nappy shell and inserts are easy wash and quick drying.

  • STYLISH AND ECO - Our Eco cloth nappies are incredible stylish, finance and environment friendly. Reusable nappy not only save your family money also save the planet by reduce landfill.

Details: Product description Littles & Bloomz is a popular cloth nappy brand offers a range of affordable reusable nappies, and nappy accessories for little ones. Using washable nappies are saving our planet.   Standard Popper Cloth Nappy: These Standard Popper nappies featured with adjustable cross over waist snaps secure the nappy probably and snugly, plus hip snap buttons prevent wing drooping. Easy stuff and removal pocket, plus birth to potty sizing system suitable for most baby weight around 3-15kg. Made of waterproof PUL outer and soft stay dry Suede cloth inner. Easy wash and quick drying time. Microfibre Inserts: 3 layers of microfibre fabrics, approx. 35x13.5cm. Most Cost-effective type of inserts. Ultra soft, high absorbency and durable. Machine washable and dry quicker. Wet Nappy Bag: waterproof PUL, size 30x40cm. Designed to carry up to 4 cloth wet nappies when out and about. Nappy Liner: 100% BAMBOO fibre, disposable, flushable and biodegradable. Approx. 29x15cm per sheet, 100 sheets per roll. Convenient to use by just lift and disposal the liner, reducing messiness at laundry time.   HOW TO USE: Adjust nappy into small, medium and large sizes by snap up lower front poppers. Stuffing nappy inserts from back waist pocket opening. Then adjust waist fastener to suit baby's waist, and make sure it is snugly around thigh to prevent leaking.   BOX CONTAINS: 6 Popper Cloth Nappies 6 Microfibre Inserts 1 Wet Nappy Bag 1 Roll Bamboo Liner (100 sheets/roll) Safety Warning Keep packaging bag away from childen.

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.9 x 4.7 inches