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Can I Have Vaccinations During Pregnancy?

Not all vaccines are safe for pregnant women so if you are pregnant it is best to avoid travelling anywhere that requires a vaccination.

Vaccines, especially live vaccines (MMR, yellow fever, BCG, typhoid) can put your baby's health at risk. However, if your trip is unavoidable you should get vaccinated because, as a general rule, the disease will probably be more harmful to your baby than the vaccination.

Vaccination guidelines vary between countries, but your GP will discuss with you the risks and benefits of each vaccine. If there is a high risk of catching a certain disease on your trip your GP will probably advise that you get vaccinated against it.

If you are planning a pregnancy you should make sure that you are up to date with your routine vaccinations. This is particularly important for rubella, which can be dangerous to the baby if caught during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable when it comes to malaria. Malaria is a dangerous disease that can result in serious illness or even death of you and your baby. Malaria is most common in tropical countries but is staring to spread to countries such as Switzerland and the United States. Try to avoid travelling to malarial zones while you are pregnant but if you cannot avoid your trip, preventative treatment is available. Mosquito repellent and mosquito nets are available to prevent insects biting you, and there are certain mosquito repellents specifically recommended for use in pregnancy.
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