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Regular Check-Ups During Pregnancy

Regular Check-Ups During Pregnancy

It is important to make an appointment to see your midwife or doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will be offered regular check-ups. The number of check-ups you have will depend on many things. If this is your first baby you will have a few extra check-ups and certain medical conditions will also make it necessary for you to be checked more frequently. Any pregnant woman can contact her midwife or doctor if there is something she needs to discuss

Regular Check-Ups in Pregnancy

These check-ups will probably include:
weighing you
taking your blood pressure
feeling your stomach (to check your baby's size and position)
listening to your baby's heartbeat
checking your urine for infections and blood sugar problems
checking your general well-being

Blood Tests in Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, you will be offered various blood tests which provide information that helps you deliver a healthy baby. You should never be afraid to ask questions about the tests you are offered and what further decisions you may have to take depending on the results. It is important to discuss any of your concerns with your midwife or doctor and feel free to take time to consider your options.

Tests can include:
identifying your blood group and type
HBV testing (HBV causes hepatitis B)
testing for conditions such as syphilis, anaemia or the sickle cell trait
testing for immunity to rubella (German measles)
HIV testing

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My pregnancy journey By getting in touch with a midwife as soon as possible in your pregnancy, you will get all the expert help you need, including advice about your pregnancy screening options and tests. (External Link)

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