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Staying Healthy

Tips for keeping healthy and in shape during pregnancy.

HayMax Shortlisted for Best Pregnancy and Maternity Product

HayMax is turning out to be a real ‘life-saver’ for pregnant and breast-feeding mums with dust or pet allergies or hay fever. And now HayMax organic allergen barrier balm has been shortlisted in the B…

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Looking After Your Teeth in Pregnancy

Practising good oral hygiene before, during and after pregnancy is extremely important in order to maintain good overall health.According to Elaine Tilling, Clinical Education Manager for TePe Oral Hy…

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Healthy Start to Life Starts in the Womb

Registered Nutritionist Dr Rana Conway is one of the country's leading experts on nutrition in pregnancy. Here she shares her tips for a healthy diet in pregnancy ....Research shows that the first 1,0…

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8 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Meditate

The emotions we experience during pregnancy can be far-reaching and diverse.For some future mothers it provides unprecedented excitement, joyfulness, and accomplishment. But for others it can be extre…

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Too Much Exercise Can Cause a Miscarriage

Over exercising early in pregnancy could increase the risk of miscarriage threefold.Danish Researchers found jogging, ball games and racket sports all increased the risk - as did more than seven hours…

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My Pregnancy Planner by Dr Miriam Stoppard

My Pregnancy Planner is filled with trusted practical advice and friendly support from Dr Miriam Stoppard - the UK's foremost expert on pregnancy and birth.

Whether a self purchase or a gift for a frie…

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Is Paracetamol Safe in Pregnancy?

Experts say that using paracetamol and other painkillers during pregnancy could be dangerous for baby boys as there is a risk of undescended testicles.This condition is linked to cancer in later life …

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Apples In Pregnancy Benefit Babies

Women who eat plenty of apples during pregnancy might be protecting their baby from developing asthma.Research carried out by the University of Aberdeen and the charity Asthma UK, also found that eat…

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Many women aim to improve their diet once they discover they are pregnant, but it is just as important that women are getting all the nutrients they need before they conceive.However, according to the…

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Regular Check-Ups During Pregnancy

It is important to make an appointment to see your midwife or doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant.Throughout your pregnancy, you will be offered regular check-ups. The number of check-ups …

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