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Scans and Screening Tests

Make sure everything's progressing well with your pregnancy and baby.

Pregnant women can now test for Strep B

Health update - pregnant women are now able to use a DIY test to test for Strep B - a leading cause of death in newborn babiesUK charity Group B Strep Support has announced a partnership with HiberGen…

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Ultrasound Baby Scans to Reassure You During Pregnancy

Every woman and even their partners have anxious moments during pregnancy.However having private ultrasound baby scans can ease this at various stages throughout a pregnancy. A basic scan is availabl…

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Prenatal Paternity Tests

If you are unsure about the paternity of your unborn baby and want to eradicate any doubt before baby is born, a prenatal paternity test is the only way to identify the biological father before the bi…

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What is a Nuchal Scan?

The start of pregnancy is both exciting and daunting.'Is my baby normal?' features regularly as one of the questions asked at this stage. The first trimester screening test can go a significant way to…

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Baby Name Finder

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Pregnancy Week 15
At 15 weeks, your baby is about the size of a navel orange

week 15

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