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Week 8


Pregnancy week by week


At 8 weeks, your baby is about the size of a raspberry

What happens when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

By week 8, your baby is about 2 cm long. The body is getting straighter and the head is more erect (less curled over). Arms and legs are getting longer, and the structures of important organs like the heart and brain are becoming more complicated.

Mum and Dad

Although you won't yet have a visible bump, you may start to feel your trousers getting tight around the waistband. Maternity clothes are probably too big at this stage. Try letting out the buttons or using an elastic band to expand the fastening a few extra inches, or borrow clothes from a friend who's a larger size.

Stay Healthy

During pregnancy your gums are likely to bleed more easily, because of the changes in hormones and the fact you are producing more blood. If you haven't recently had a dental check-up with your pregnancy at 8 weeks, or have already got gum disease, or if you experience pain or bleeding, make an appointment with your dentist.