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Week 6


Pregnancy week by week


At 6 weeks, your baby is about the size of a sweet pea

What happens when you are 6 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

The embryo is about the size of a small bean. Tiny bumps appear on the body where the arms and legs are going to form, and the heart starts pumping blood around the body. The brain is developing and growing, and digestive and breathing systems are also starting to form.

Mum and Dad

If you haven't already started having symptoms such as sickness and breast tenderness, they are likely to appear now with your pregnancy at 6 weeks. The changes in hormone levels are like to make mums feel emotional or moody, too. The fact you're having a baby is just sinking in - now is a good time to start planning for the rest of your pregnancy. Start sorting out your finances to cover any maternity or paternity leave you're planning to take, and find out about the benefits available to you, such as free prescriptions during pregnancy.

Stay Healthy

You need to keep active in pregnancy, so if you've not already got a regular exercise schedule, talk to your doctor about safe ways to work out. If you already go to classes or a gym, let your instructor or a member of staff know that you're pregnant, so they can make sure your exercise routine is suitable.