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Week 36


Pregnancy week by week


At 36 weeks, your baby is about the size of a romaine lettuce

What happens when you are 36 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

Babies generally settle into the head down, or cephalic, position around this time. This is called the baby's presentation. Rarely (in about 3% of full-term pregnancies) the baby remains breech, meaning that their buttocks or feet would be delivered first. Although it is possible to have a vaginal birth if your baby is in the breech position, your doctor or midwife may recommend that you deliver by caesarean.

Mum and Dad

To try and encourage your baby to turn around so that she can be delivered head first, try this simple exercise: Lie on your back with firm, supportive pillows under your bottom so that your pelvis is propped up about 9-12 inches from the floor. Stay like this for about 20 minutes, and repeat 2-3 times a day. For your comfort, don't do this just after you've eaten and make sure that you're wearing loose, comfortable clothes.

Stay Healthy

When your labour starts, you may instinctively choose a position that suits you best. Some women prefer to stand; others sit back-to-front on a chair leaning forward, with legs apart. Your doctor or midwife may also suggest some positions that are designed to help slow down or speed up labour. Your partner can help by massaging your lower back to relieve back pain.