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Week 32


Pregnancy week by week


At 32 weeks, your baby is about the size of a butternut squash

What happens when you are 32 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

Baby is still putting on weight and lots of that is because of the muscle she is developing. She can now move her head from side to side, although it might be getting a bit cramped inside your uterus by now.

Mum and Dad

The bigger mum's bump gets, the harder it is for her to walk without 'waddling'. Arching your back to compensate can cause back pain, so try to stand as straight as possible. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is also released, softening the hip joints and causing the characteristic pregnancy shuffle.

Stay Healthy

Cravings can really kick in around this time. Often mums get the irresistible urge for something sweet, particularly chocolate. While it's important that you're eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, the odd chocolate bar (especially dark chocolate) won't hurt you or the baby and can even help top up your magnesium and iron levels.