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Week 31


Pregnancy week by week


At 31 weeks, your baby is about the size of a coconut

What happens when you are 31 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

From this point on, your baby will start to put on weight and fill out quicker than she grows in length. Her lungs and digestive tract are almost completely developed although she still needs a few more weeks until her lungs are able to function fully. By week 31, your baby weighs an average of 3 pounds and 5 ounces.

Mum and Dad

Your pregnancy is now well into the third trimester and it can feel like it's being going on forever! It's not uncommon for mums to start panicking about their lack of maternal feelings at this time, but please don't worry, bonding with your baby often happens after birth.

Stay Healthy

Breathlessness is common by now, as your bump starts to get bigger and you feel more cumbersome. Mums can get out of breath walking, climbing the stairs and even just sitting down. Even if you are finding it hard to breathe your baby is still getting plenty of air through the placenta.