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Week 28


Pregnancy week by week


At 28 weeks, your baby is about the size of a courgette

What happens when you are 28 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

Your baby is continuing to lay down layers of fat in preparation for living outside the womb. Eyelashes have grown on the eyelids, and there are tiny teeth underneath the baby's gums.

Mum and Dad

Being pregnant can affect the libido (sex drive) of both partners. Mums can feel tired or unattractive, and partners are often worried about hurting the baby. But sex is safe providing you haven't had any complications with your pregnancy (ask your midwife if you're not sure). Some positions may be more comfortable than others, such as lying side-by-side in the 'spoons' position, or by having the woman on top. You might feel more comfortable avoiding penetration and simply being intimate and affectionate without full sex.

Stay Healthy

As a result of pregnancy hormones, your skin may break out in acne (spots). If you had adult acne before pregnancy, this can either improve or get worse. Certain medicines for acne are not suitable for use in pregnancy, so always check with your GP or pharmacist before using any treatments, including those prescribed before you conceived. Try applying tea tree oil or witch hazel, wash off make up before going to bed, and try to avoid touching your face.