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Week 25


Pregnancy week by week


At 25 weeks, your baby is about the size of a cauliflower

What happens when you are 25 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

Up to now your baby has been quite long and thin, but he or she is now starting to fill out as more fat begins to form under the skin. Usually babies at this stage are more than 450grams (1 pound) in weight.

Mum and Dad

As you approach the end of the second trimester, you might want to tackle some of the shopping for baby clothes and equipment. This could be the ideal time to do some of the jobs you'll need to do to prepare for your baby. Have you chosen baby names yet?

Stay Healthy

Some pregnant women develop varicose veins, as hormones make their blood vessels widen and swell. Varicose veins are swollen blue and twisted and often appear on the lower legs but can be found in other places such as the thighs. You can ease the discomfort by wearing support stockings and resting with your legs supported above the level of your heart. You should also try to avoid standing for long periods.