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Week 20


Pregnancy week by week


At 20 weeks, your baby is about the size of a banana

What happens when you are 20 weeks pregnant?

Your Baby

A creamy white coating is beginning to form on your baby's skin. This is called vernix, and it protects the skin while it is still thin. It is quite greasy so it will also help the baby to move out of your body more easily during birth.

Mum and Dad

At halfway through the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll almost certainly be feeling the baby's movements in the womb. To begin with you might mistake the slight fluttering or shifting feeling for indigestion, but later on it will become more obvious and dads will be able to feel the movement too by placing a hand on your stomach.

Stay Healthy

Heartburn is a common problem in pregnancy at 20 weeks. As your womb grows it puts pressure on your digestive system, and sometimes allows acid to leak up out of your stomach and back into your oesophagus (gullet). This can cause a burning acidic feeling in your chest. You can help avoid heartburn by identifying the foods that trigger it. Try eating smaller but more frequent meals and using extra pillows to slightly prop yourself up in bed at night. Ask your pharmacist for an antacid that is suitable for use during pregnancy.