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Pregnancy Tips - What Was The Best Tip You Were Given When You Were Pregnant?

Pregnancy Tips

Being pregnant can be an incredible but daunting experience, especially for first time mums. It’s an exciting and beautiful period of time! However, it definitely can get a bit overwhelming at times. Even more so when you reach closer and closer to your due date.

Pregnancy Tips You Should Be Listening To!

To help your pregnancy more comfortable, we hope you can enjoy our tips for pregnancy. We just wish someone had told us these before!

1. Take Pictures

9 months may seem like a long time but it really does go by in a flash. Seeing how your body grows, week to week, is a beautiful thing to look back on. You will cherish the fond memories of growing your baby and be astounded by your body’s capability to grow a life.

Not only should you take pictures of your growing belly, take pictures of the times that you enjoyed while pregnant. Your first sonogram, your last sonogram and everything in between.

2. Have A Plan

Having a birthing plan can provide a lot of comfort and peace of mind throughout your pregnancy. Whether you’re opting for a doula or a midwife, chat to your doctors or consultants about your wishes. They will be able to guide you through the different birth plans.

Take the time to research your plan and chat to friends. The more that you can gather about home birth, cesarean, water birth or hospital birth, the better you will be able to formulate a plan that best suits you.

Having a plan will also help your doctors or doula stay on track with your preferences through labour.

3. It’s Okay If It Doesn’t Go According To That Plan

Like most things in life, things don’t always go according to plan and that’s okay! Things may happen throughout your pregnancy that will change your plan. It may get scary, at times, but these changes will be for the best.

Don’t let this deter you from enjoying your pregnancy and labour experience. Trust your medical professionals to get you through it. Your body is your body and it’s completely up to you to decide what feels best for you and your baby.

4. Be Prepared For A Long Labour

One of the key pregnancy tips out there would be to prepare for a long labour. You and your birthing team may be in for a long ride and it’s best to come prepared.

Pack your hospital with lots of snacks and distractions to get you through the hours. Snacks, chargers, and phones are just some of the most important things to pack. For more hospital bag packing tips, make sure to check out our list.

5. Stick To Your Budget

Throughout your pregnancy you will definitely find yourself overwhelmed with costs and things to buy. Many people, blogs, and advertisements will suggest that you need x,y, and z. However, you don’t need all of the bells and whistles to ensure that your pregnancy and child development stages are up to scratch.

If you are on a budget, try to stick to as much as possible. Marketing, these days, are filled with influencers and product placements that make you feel that you need to buy their product. However, sticking to the basics and the essentials will be just as beneficial as the extra add ons.

6. Listen To Your Friends

If you ever feel nervous or concerned about your pregnancy journey, it’s okay to reach out to your peers. Chatting to your friends who have had kids works wonders for the nerves, They will be able to advise you on what worked for them, if what you’re feeling is normal and provide you with extra tips to see you through your labour.

It’s okay to feel scared and worried, childbirth is huge thing to accomplish. By listening to your friend you will be able to put your mind at ease knowing that you’re not alone in your feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and for advice. Chances are, they wished they had the tips that they learnt during their pregnancy too!

7. Birth Is Not Like The Movies

This is an important one: birth is not like the movies! This tip is especially key for when your water breaks. Unlike the movies, your water doesn’t break in a big and dramatic sense. Your water doesn’t break into a flood and then you’re rushed off to the hospital.

When your water breaks it’s more of a sensation like you’re urinating. It’s usually a small trickle of fluid as opposed to the big splash that you see in the movies. For some women, their water won’t break until their contractions start.

Once your water breaks, you won’t necessarily be rushed off to the hospital either. You are usually advised to come into the hospital when your contractions are strong enough. Strong contractions last from 45 to 60 seconds and occur every three to four minutes, according to WebMD. When your contractions get stronger, you may want to call your doula or midwife if you are having a home birth.

8. Take Time To Rest

Don’t feel that just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can slack off. Take time to rest and look after your body. Your body is growing another human inside of you and needs time to restore itself.

You are completely entitled to time out from your daily tasks. Taking a nap will work wonders for your body and will leave you feeling refreshed.

9. Enjoy Every Moment

Your time being pregnant goes so quickly. In a blink of an eye, you will be giving birth and enjoying your bundle of joy. Treasure each and every moment you have before your baby comes because you will be starting a whole new journey.

If you’re a first time mum, enjoy the time with your partner. This will be the last time where it’s just the two of you before welcoming another member to your team. If you already have little ones, enjoy the time with them and soak up each and every moment.


Throughout your pregnancy you will experience lots and lots of people offering their advice and tips. Just remember that your body is yours and you have to find what will work best for you.

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