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Common questions during pregnancy

Am I Ready For A Baby? Top Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you thinking of having a baby? Here are some important considerations to answer the question: Am I ready for a baby? I Am Ready For A Baby: Are You And Your Partner On The Same Page? Not only that…

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Pregnancy Symptoms: What Are The Signs Of Being Pregnant?

Some women are so in tune with their menstrual cycle that they feel pregnant soon after they conceive. For women whose regular monthly menstrual cycle runs like clockwork, the earliest sign of pregnan…

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How to know if you are ready for a baby?

1. Are you and your partner on the same page? In case you've forgotten what you learned in high school biology class, having a baby takes two people. Not only that, but it's a big (lifelong!) commitme…

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When do pregnancy symptoms start?

Most women will start to feel pregnancy symptoms around four weeks after conception. Every woman is different, some may feel twinges as early as two weeks into the pregnancy while for others it could …

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How long does ovulation take?

Ovulation occurs every month and lasts for 12 to 48 hours. An egg is released from an ovary and travels down the fallopian tube. It needs to meet sperm within 24 hours of release to be fertilised. Thi…

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Hospital Bag Checklist: What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag?

With such an exciting chapter about to begin for you and your baby, it is always a good idea to prepare in advance. It is recommended that you start packing for your due date about two weeks before. Y…

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The Perfect Gift For Every Little One

Are you planning your baby shower and hoping for something more original than a teething ring or more meaningful than yet another cuddly toy? Tree or woodland dedications with the Woodland Trust are t…

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How Long do Babies Carry their Mother's Immunity?

During the last three months of pregnancy some antibodies are passed along the placenta from the mother to the unborn baby.Antibodies are cells produced by the immune system to defend the body against…

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The Usual Signs of Pregnancy

A lot of women are so well-tuned in to their body's rhythms that they begin to feel pregnant soon after they conceive. Most women, however, won't experience any early pregnancy symptoms until several …

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Glossary of Pregnancy Words

We are often asked what certain words that relate to pregnancy and childbirth mean, so we've compiled a glossary of the most common pregnancy terms.   A Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) - De…

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How Soon Can I Do A Pregnancy Test?

Trying to conceive is an exciting process that leaves many anxious to reach for a pregnancy test. Although you are free to take a pregnancy test whenever you feel like it, there are ways to optimise y…

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Top Tips to Help Morning Sickness

The Causes and Symptoms of Morning Sickness Morning sickness is due to the changes in the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone which women experience early in pregnancy' says nutritionist Ru…

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Pregnancy Tips - What Was The Best Tip You Were Given When You Were Pregnant?

Being pregnant can be an incredible but daunting experience, especially for first time mums. It’s an exciting and beautiful period of time! However, it definitely can get a bit overwhelming at times. …

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First Signs of Pregnancy

If you want to know what the first signs of pregnancy are and if you have any of the usual pregnancy symptoms, then take a look below. For the vast majority of women, the first sign of pregnancy is wh…

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Pregnancy At 14 Weeks

If you are 14 weeks pregnant then you are in your Second Trimester. Your baby will be around 16 centimetres long and will weigh around 0.30lbs. Your baby is already fully formed and believe it or not …

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What Pregnant Women Worry About

The results of a new survey tell us more about the health concerns of pregnant women in the UK.A new survey of pregnant women and new mums commissioned by publishers Dorling Kindersley to mark the lau…

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Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Your blood pressure isn’t always a dangerous feat to conquer. However, it is important to keep on top of it during your pregnancy especially if you are experiencing high blood pressure. According to L…

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Pregnancy Myths

We all get told old wives tales and pregnancy myths during each stage of our pregnancies. It is impossible to escape the advice and predictions, but are pregnant women being misled or do these Old Wiv…

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