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Child Birth

Childbirth - Information and Advice about giving birth, caesarean sections, pain relief in labour and water birth.

Ways To Give Birth: Five Birthing Trends Mums Are Trying Right Now!

Giving birth can be an emotional and physical journey. Finding the right way to give birth may just give mums-to-be an extra form of comfort and guidance. From water birth to lotus birth, there are ma…

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Surrogacy cost and Benefits

The popularity in surrogacy is growing. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian opting for pregnancy via surrogate, the often stigmatised and misunderstood moment is getting the attention it deserves. Pe…

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Back Pain In Pregnancy: Causes and Treatments

Back pain in pregnancy is extremely common due to the hormonal changes and growth that your body is experiencing. Women will start to feel this back pain usually in the second part of their pregnancy.…

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Gas And Air: The Advantages And Disadvantages (Pain Relief in Labor)

Gas and air, also known as “laughing gas” or Entonox, is often used by women for pain relief during labour. Although it won’t get rid of labour pains completely, it will certainly reduce the pain and …

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Pregnancy Week 12
At 12 weeks, your baby is about the size of a plum

week 12

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