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In 2017, there were 16090 child road casualties in the UK. 2290 (14%) of these casualties were killed or seriously injured.

The Green Cross Code is still taught in schools but needs to be reinforced from home. It is not enough to help them memorise the words; it has to be explained and practised.

The Green Cross Code

1. Find the safest place to cross
• If possible, cross the road at islands, zebra, puffin, pelican or toucan crossings, or where there is a crossing point controlled by a police officer or a traffic warden.
• If none of those options are available choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions and, just as importantly, where drivers can see you.
• Try to avoid crossing between parked cars or close to the top of a hill.
• Make sure there is space to reach the pavement on the other side. 

2. Stop before the kerb
• Don't get too close to the traffic. If there is no pavement, keep back from the edge of the road.

3. Look around for traffic and listen
• Look in every direction.
• Listen carefully because you can sometimes hear traffic before you can see it.

4. If traffic is coming, let it pass before you cross
• Look around and listen.
• Do not cross until there is a safe gap in the traffic.  You have to be certain there is enough time to cross safely. 
• Remember that some traffic may be a long way off, but may be approaching very quickly.

5. When it is safe, go straight across the road and DON'T RUN
• Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross
• Look out for cyclists and motorbikes traveling between lanes of traffic. 
• Do not cross the road diagonally.


How you can help your child and other children

• Set a good example. Use the Green Cross Code yourself.
• Show your child how to use the Code to cross the road whenever you are out together.
• Let your child show practice on quiet roads first.
• Point out the dangerous places and safe places to cross on local roads.
• Use pedestrian crossings even when it involves a short detour.
• Talk about the importance of not using a mobile phone or texting while crossing the road.
• Remind your child that they cannot hear traffic if they have earphones in

Crossing between parked cars

Try not to cross between parked vehicles, but if there is nowhere else to cross:
• Choose a place where there is a space between two cars and make sure that it is easy to get to the pavement on the other side of the road.
• Make sure neither car is about to move off - look for drivers in the car and listen for engines.
• Don't cross near large vehicles. You could be standing in a blind spot where the driver cannot see you.  If you can't see the driver in the mirror, he can't see you.
• Walk to the outside edge of the cars and stop. Here you can be seen by drivers and you can look all around for traffic.
• Use the Green Cross Code. When the road is clear, cross, still looking and listening as you go.

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