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How to put a baby or child in the recovery position


The Recovery Position

If your baby or child is unresponsive and breathing then you need to turn them onto their side and into the recovery position, to keep their airway open so they can still breathe.


For a baby (birth to one):

1. Simply cradle the baby in your arms with its head tilted downwards


For a child (aged 1+)

1. Place the child's arm nearest to you at a right angle with their palm facing up.

2. Move their other arm round, placing the back of the hand on the cheek closest to you.

3. Grab the knee furthest from you and pull up until the knee is flat on the floor.

4. Pull the knee towards you whilst keeping the child's hand pressed against their cheek. Move the leg so it is at a right angle.

5. Make sure the airway remains open by tilting their head back. Check for breathing by feeling and listening for breath.

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