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How to deal with a choking baby

first aid for babies

This could save a life!  Read this expert guide on what to do if your baby is choking.  This advice is for babies under 1 year of age. 

For children aged 1 and over, read how to deal with a choking child.


How to save a choking baby

1. If the baby is unable to cough, either sit or kneel down and lay the baby face down along your forearm with their head low.  Use your thigh to support the baby's body and head.

2. Using the heel of your hand, give up to five back blows between the baby's shoulder blades.

3. Turn the baby face up, supporting their body and head and check their mouth for any dislodged objects.

4. If the baby is still choking, place two fingers on the lower half of the baby's breastbone (in the centre of the chest, a finger's breadth below the nipples) and give up to five sharp thrusts, inwards and towards the head.

5. Check the baby's mouth for any dislodged objects.

6. If this does not work call an ambulance and repeat the back blows until help arrives. If the baby is unresponsive, give CPR.


How to give a baby CPR

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