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Keep Safe in Summer

Hay Fever Symptoms: Can Babies Get Hay Fever?

SPRING and summer months bring warmer weather but also manage to bring the nose itching, eye-watering annoyance that is hay fever. Can babies get hay fever? Hay fever is an allergic reaction to g…

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How To Keep Babies And Young Children Cool In Hot Weather

After grey, miserable winter most of us adults rejoice at heat. But while we love to make the most of it with picnics, BBQs and generally being outside, the increase in temperature can be a real worry…

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How to spot if your baby or child has heat stroke - signs and what to do about it

The UK reached sweltering highs over the Bank Holiday weekend. While this is great news for all the sun-worshippers out there, hot weather can also be a fraught time for parents - especially those wit…

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Holiday Medical Kits

When travelling, a medical kit is useful. However, it is easy to pack too much. Many medicines and dressings are easily available in many countries although you should be better prepared if you are t…

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