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Top Ten Tips for Eczema

Top Ten Tips for Eczema

Below is some helpful advice if you or your little one suffers from eczema.

1. Drink more water.
People with eczema may lose fluid through the surface of the skin. When they become dehydrated their eczema can become worse, creating a vicious circle

2.Avoid Wool next to the skin.
Wool can really irritate the eczema. Synthetics may be tolerated but can make the skin sweat which again may irritate the skin. Wearing all cotton clothes and bedding is the best as cotton is cool, non irritant and allows the skin to breathe

3. Keep the nails as short as possible even adults scratch in their sleep.
Scratching damages the skin and infection can be introduced this way. Long-term scratching also causes the skin to thicken (lichenification) so keeping the nails really short can minimise trauma to the skin

4. Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise.
Moisturising is one of the really important things that sufferers can do to help themselves. Skin with eczema is dry and needs all the help that it can get. Apply moisturisers frequently throughout the day and last thing at night. Always moisturise after a bath or a shower, as the skin will hold more moisture then.

5. Avoid chemicals in skin products.
Many Skin products contain chemicals that will irritate sensitive skin. Natural products that contain no sodium laurel sulphate, no parabens and no artificial fragrances are best.

6. Take Essential fatty acids in the form of Fish oils or hemp seed oil.
A good supply of fatty acids will help to moisturise the skin from the inside. Also, once digested they are converted into prostaglandins which in turn form the basis of our bodies' own anti-inflammatory hormones

7. Avoid Soap.
Soap can strip the skin of its beneficial acid mantle. Moisturising face and body wash creams that are free from artificial chemicals can be used. You can use one cupful of Oatmeal tied into a pop sock to wash the skin with. Oatmeal contains substances known as saponins, which actually clean the skin, and in addition to this it is soothing to irritated eczema.

8 Eat a wholefood diet .
It is generally thought to be a good idea to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of whole grains and vegetables. You can experiment with avoiding foods that are known to aggravate some people with eczema: these are alcohol, spicy food, cows milk, citrus fruit and artificial colourings.

9. Get plenty of exercise and fresh air.
This helps to keep the lymph and blood circulating well. It also helps to release tension and stress which can aggravate eczema.

10. Get some sleep.
Lack of sleep can irritate eczema; unfortunately itching can keep sufferers awake. A warm (not too hot) bath before bedtime followed by an application of oil and moisturisers can help. A cup of Chamomile tea can soothe the spirits and burning essential oils such as Lavender in the bedroom may aid restful sleep

Hilery Dorian
September 2011

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