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Semi-Skimmed Milk Is Best For Toddlers

Semi-Skimmed Milk Is Best For Toddlers

The Food Standards Agency is urging nurseries to change children's milk.

Parents have been told for a long time that they should avoid giving their child low-fat milk, as they need the fat soluble vitamins contained in full fat milk. However new government advice is now changing that message. The FSA is advising parents and nurseries to switch children over the age of two from full fat to semi-skimmed milk.

The new message is all part of a huge campaign aimed at getting both adults and children to reduce the amount of saturated fat they eat.

Dr Rosemary Hignett, head of nutrition at the FSA said:
'For small children, up to the age of two, it is particularly important to have a sufficient level of fat in the diet. But as we move to older age groups, our concerns turn to them not becoming obese and not starting to build up clogged arteries.'

When she was asked what age children shouls start drinking semi-skimmed, she said:
'After two ..... After that age, it is perfectly fine to start.'

Tips For Reducing Saturated Fat in Your Diet

Bullet Grill rather than fry meat
Bullet Take the skin off chicken and turkey
Bullet Cut down cheese by grating it or using stronger flavour
Bullet Switch to lower fat spreads
Bullet Check food labels for saturated fat content

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