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Pregnant women can eat raw eggs

boiled egg and soldiers

Almost 30 years on since raw, soft boiled and runny eggs were declared a salmonella risk for pregnant women and young children, The Food Standards Agency have announced that ”Lion mark" eggs are now safe for vulnerable groups to eat.

In the 1990s, egg producers started a vaccination programme following a problem with salmonella.

Heather Hancock of the Food Standards Agency says it is now safe for everyone to eat runny eggs.

"We are now saying if there is a British Lion egg, you're safe to do that. The risk of salmonella is now so low you needn't worry, and that's true whether you're a fit healthy adult, or whether you're pregnant or elderly or young. It's only people on strictly medically supervised diets who need to avoid those eggs."

Eggs are a popular choice for mothers as they provide a quick, inexpensive and nutritious meal for children.



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